Best/Worst Of The Week: New Kanye Snippets, Fiddy's Pitch & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using your brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest Fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

The Best:


Just because

the site has changed

, doesn't mean the rules do. We are still committed to bringing y'all honest, thoughtful discussions on hip-hop...and of course, we still love old white people making hip-hop references. Case in point NBA analyst, former NBA coach, and old white guy Doug Collins. After a discussion on the Miami Heat's Birdman, Jalen Rose did the notorious birdcall. What happened next was pure gold; Doug Collins instinctively followed up with , "What happened To That boy?". Ergo.... DOUG COLLINS LISTENS TO CLIPSE!!!!!!! That makes me so damn happy.

Now Nathan thinks this was set up by Jalen Rose, according to him there is just no way Collins could ever know who the hell Clipse is. However, I'm convinced this is real. First off, Jalen Rose and Sage Steele are stunned; if this was planned, Sage wouldn't have been left speechless. Plus, before he was analyst Collins was a coach, meaning he spent some time in the locker room; if you don;t think that song made it's way into a few NBA locker rooms you are nuts. What do you think? Planned or is Doug a hip-hop head?

P.S.- Bill Simmons had no idea what was going on; 100% clueless.

More Snips Than a Barber


Yeezus wasn't my favorite album, but if you don't think I'm excited for more Kanye you are crazy. In fact, no matter how much music he releases, I am always looking forward to more. We've been waiting a while for something (I'm not counting Future's "

I Won

") and finally a little peep from Kanye planet. Oh nothing special, just his song featured in the new Adidas World Cup commercial.

It may only be a minute and some change long, but damn, I fucking dig it. It has a "Yeezus/MBDTF" vibe to it. Also, it makes me even more excited for the World Cup. I have a feeling that commercial will be played all day every day, so it's good it's a song I like. But wait there's more. Another snippet. This one goes by the name "Black Bruce Wayne". According to

Consequence Of Sound

, some random dude paid $500 bucks for it, so, thanks to that guy. Meanwhile I'll be using that money to you, know, pay rent and stuff.

Kanye only raps for like 10 seconds, but it;s still better than most music out there; I'll take 30 seconds of Kanye over five minutes of Tyga or Wiz any day. It's amazing that he can do so much in such a short amount of time. I'd love the whole song, but any Kanye is better than no Kanye.

Best From The Booth:

Starting this week, we're devoting a section to giving props to the best DJBooth featured music of the week. Maybe it'll be a dope debut, or maybe it'll be the new big hit; whatever stands out the most will get props here. This week, there is really no other option. It's Skyzoo and Torae and their epic Barrel Brothers project. If you are a fan of raw, pull-no-punches hip-hop this is for you. I hate when people say "all hip-hop sucks today" or "hip-hop is dead". This shit is as real as anything that came out in '94.

P.S. This Ghostface/BADBADNOTGOOD/Danny Brown joint,

Six Degrees

, is hot fiyah!

The Worst:

Rick Ross Ink Facial


Image placeholder title

I don't have any tattoos. Not because I am against 'em, but because I refuse to get some random bullshit permanently driven into my skin; it has to mean something. One of my main rules for tattoos is never get something which may not end up being true or lasting. Never get a boo's name tatted,

never do this

(although that worked out I guess) and most certainly, never get "Rich Forever" tattooed anywhere...especially on my face. Someone should have let me talk to Ross before he, you know, actually did tattoo "rich forever" on his face. Not only was it on his face, but it's probably on the worst possible part of the worst possible place to have a tattoo.

Ross makes

Gucci's ice cream cone tattoo

look like a god damn Van Gogh. He better hope Fat Trel becomes the GOAT because in 15 years, when people are tired of hearing him grunt, he might not be rich no more. If you had told me he would get a tattoo on his chin, I would have assumed it would read "Put Wings Here" with an arrow to his mouth.

On second thought, Ross is probably going to be rich forever, I mean

bringing Terio onto the crew

is a savvy business move; Terio is so talented....Congrats on the worst tattoo in hip-hop and getting a


, Rick.

Pitch Or Die Trying:

I know we covered it a little bit with the

rap and baseball piece

, but I want to reiterate again, that 50 Cent's pitch was just awful. Here's what I don't get, 50 is a big, athletic dude, can he really not throw a baseball? I mean if it was a little outside or a little short whatever, but this thing was so far left, it's like it's the first time he's ever seen a baseball. I'm not confident in my athletic skill--at all-- but I'm fairly certain I could throw a better first pitch than this. I'm not saying I'm Nolan Ryan or anything, but Fiddy literally looks like he's never thrown anything ever in his life.

Image placeholder title

I mean 50 got beat by a god damn cat! Shit, even Avril Lavigne beat him! All the good, the Barrel Brother's did for hip-hop this week, 50 undid it all with one noodle armed throw.

Worst Music Of The Week:

It can't all be good. Here, we will highlight some of the worst music from the week. Time to get our

Silky Johnson


We have a heated matchup here. In one corner, we have a lyric video for Tyga and Danity Kane's "Lemonade", because apparently we really need a lyric video for this. Oh by the way "Lemonade" features an interpolation of Clipse's "Grinding".

Pretty bad right? Well, what if I told you that Bieber and Migos have a song together?

Gun to my head, I'm going "Lemonade" as the worst. Danity Kane and Tyga managed to ruin some of my favorite things - rap, Clipse, and lemonade - in one fell swoop. The Migos Drake super-collab just makes me laugh. Really both win, because I now hate music.

Comment of The Week:

While Nathan has been wondering how and why

Iggy Azalea has been killing the rap game

, I have been wondering one thing; do you think she would marry me? Okay one other thing... why can't I hate "Fancy"? Everything about it sucks, but I keep listening. I want to hate the hook so bad, but I just can't; I know I forgot it here, but it has to be one of the best right? I thought I was alone in my secret love, but


has the balls to come out and own it.

"Shit.. y'all know Iggy can't rap. But "Fancy" is a BANGER - c'mon now, you know you like it."

Truer words have never been spoken.... You know what, "Fancy" Is a Banger and it feels good to say it aloud. Let the truth set you free!

Enjoy your weekend...

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