Best Hip-Hop Song of 2014, Indie (Best of the Booth Award Winners)


If you want to know where the real music lives, the music that's unafraid to say whatever it wants, the music that can really make an impact, it's still in the underground and independent world, far from the bright lights of major labels. 2014 saw indie music produce some of the best music of the year, period, so it's no surprise we saw so many votes for the Best Indie Hip-Hop Song, and no surprise that once again the men of Strange Music cleaned up.   

Reader's Pick: Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar "Fragile" 

Loyalty is rare in the music industry. The hoes aren't loyal, the friends aren't loyal, and the fans will surely leave you for a new trending topic before your 15 minutes even expires Tech N9ne has lived underneath the mainstream for essentially his entire career, unsigned, but has survived all these years due to an unrivaled work ethic, dope tunes, and an exceptional, vast following. The behemoth fan-base for the second year has hailed the Kendrick Lamar featured, "Fragile," as the best indie hip-hop song. While "Fragile" technically dropped in 2013, rightfully, the momentum around the song exploded with radio spins and director cut performance video making it one of the biggest songs of 2014. It's a brilliant record, layered in Wrekonize and Kendall Morgan‘s heavenly vocals, production that's incredibly exquisite and gripping and Tech and Kendrick rappity rapping in a way that will make your heart race with glee. This is indie music done in a major way. Tech was victorious in a landslide, with Strange Music signee ¡MAYDAY! right behind him, a testimony to their incredible fans who support their every endeavor. 

Staff Pick: ¡MAYDAY! x Murs "Here"

A conventional life looks good on paper: Wife with a body that ages with the “30 is the new 20” mentality, two kids that hopefully won’t kiss their cousins, a job that feeds your pension while eating your soul, and hopefully you retire with enough money to conquer your bucket list before cardiac arrest. Who wouldn’t want this lavish lifestyle? ¡MAYDAY! and Murs is who! Some people are born without that program installed, they are broken puzzle pieces that don’t fit the conventional picture. "Here" is a song made for the misfits that never belonged in a world structured on standards and commonplace convictions. ¡MAYDAY! and Murs captured the feeling of alienated outcast with one leg sinking in conventional living, and one wing flapping toward a creative sanctuary. A feeling that resonates with our inner-artist, that's dying to escape the conventional cage. 

Congrats to Tech, ¡MAYDAY! and Murs, it's truly a Strange Music takeover. And for more Best of the Booth award winners, hit that link below. 

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