Best New Artist of 2014 (Best of the Booth Award Winner)


In the modern age it can be a little hard to figure out who's "new." Artists could be putting out mixtapes for years before they hit that almost impossible to definite tipping point and burst onto the national radar, but it happens every year, a new crop of artists the world seems to have just started talking about. These are the artists we hope will continue to fulfill the promise of their early success, and it was clear this year who held the most Best New Artist promise - Mick Jenkins.  

Reader's Pick: Mick Jenkins

I wonder if Mick Jenkins knew that 2014 would be his year. People say it, some mean it, but how many actually enter a new year fairly unknown, and leave with the world anticipating your next musical move? Maybe not the world, but DJBooth Nation is completely engrossed in the latest voice out of Chi-Town. His mixtape, The Water[s], brought a refreshing perspective that cleansed ears of the shallow lyricism, materialistic ambition, and all the other clichés that new rappers suffer from. Our readers didn’t have an easy decision, all the candidates for Best New Artist left noteworthy imprints on 2014, over 4,000 votes were casted and the people championed Mick Jenkins. There’s only so much molly popping, bottle chugging, women lusting that one can take before needing a detox, and Mick Jenkins brought what the billionaire doctor promised but failed to deliver. 



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Staff Pick: Mick Jenkins

DJ Booth’s Top Prospects are a prestigious group of new artist we believe deserves your attention. The selection is strenuous, narrowing down a world full of promising musicians is no easy task, but it’s worth presenting upcoming talent to our readers. Before he took the world by storm with his, The Water[s] mixtape, we believed that Mick Jenkins had potential to be a great artist. He joined the likes of Janine & The Mixtape, Michael Christmas and Russ in our first ever Top Prospects selection. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when the Chi-Town poet became the blogspheres favorite topic in 2014. This is the only time in the Best of the Booth Award Reader's Pick and Staff Pick are identical, and we couldn't name another artist worthy of such a honor. 

Congrats to Mick Jenkins, hip-hop in 2014 was better for having him in it. And for the complete list of award winners, hit that link below:   

2014 Best of the Booth Award Winners (The Complete List)