Best R&B/Pop Song of 2014, Mainstream (Best of the Booth Winners)


You gonna read these Best of the Booth Awards or nah? After spending yesterday tackling our hip-hop song awards, today we turn our attention to the world of R&B and pop which, for the record, experienced a real surge in 2014. So maybe that's why the voting for the best mainstream R&B/pop song was so high, but while the competition was deep, in the end there can be only one.   

Below you'll find both your pick for the best mainstream song of the year, plus our own staff pick. Enjoy, or nah. 

Reader's Pick: Ty Dolla $ign ft. The Weeknd "Or Nah (Remix)"



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Ratchet & Blues, is there a better way to describe the R&B made by Ty $? His subject matter doesn’t delve in courtship and love, he’s knee deep in a sea of endless women searching for life’s greatest mysterious between their legs, and it’s undeniably infectious. He’s a hit maker, when the original "Or Nah" swept over the internet, such a simple phrase instantly became a viral hit, impeaching whatever expression previously held our short attention. Adding The Weeknd only increased the appeal; Abel and Ty Dolla together are Henry Miller and Zane if they collaborated on a remorseless, sex-filled novel. The raunchy remix left a tremendous impression on our readers, not even a love drunk Beyonce and Kanye could overcome DJ Mustard's magical synths and explicit advances from R&B’s rising stars. 

Staff Pick: Raleigh Ritchie "Stronger Than Ever"

In this generation full of multi-talented creatives, it’s becoming common to see actors strive to be music artist and have successful careers in both fields. Troy Barns became Childish Gambino, Michael Lee from The Wire became Mack Wilds and now we can add Grey Worm from Game Of Thrones to the growing list. British singer Raleigh Ritchie, moniker of Jacob Anderson, blew us away with his outstanding “Stronger Than Ever.” Despite being released in January, his powerful voice full of determination and defiance left a yearlong impact on us. It’s hard to leave the comfort of your home town, and Raleigh captures the terror and freedom that comes with venturing into a new world. The production is grand, cinematic, wrapping ears in this blanket of poignant sounds. This is how you make a first impression! He’s on a quest, one that we are excited to see progress. 

Congrats to Ty Dolla $ign and Raleigh Ritchie, two very different artists who made equally memorable music. And for the complete list of award winners, hit that link below:   

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