Best R&B/Pop Song of 2014, Indie (Best of the Booth Winners)


Just like hip-hop, indie R&B is where some of the most interesting, adventurous and creative music on the planet gets made and 2014 was no different. We had a lot of more than worthy nominees for the indie R&B category, but after thousands of votes it's Ryatt and Raury who take home the Best of the Booth awards. It was a great year to be alive and listening to R&B.   

Reader's Pick: Ryattfienix ft. Rittz "Suicide"

Love is an unpredictable, eccentric, emotional rash that our hearts suffer from throughout our lives. One moment you can be flying on a cloud of happiness and before sunset, be swimming in a pool of vomit and regret. RyattFienix is attuned with heartbreak, she completely captures the anguish and torment of a love deferred on her single "Suicide." Such a lovely voice with lyrics that will send chills down your soul, her plea for love might rival Eminem’s fictional character Stan, both prepared to throw away their lives for love, Ryatt with a gun, Stan with a fifth of vodka. Strange Music’s machine gun spitter Rittz laces the dark atmosphere with the perspective of the man, so we get both perspectives from two hopeless romantics. An incredible vocalist meets a great rapper for storytelling of this caliber, how could our readers not reward them title of the best? 

Staff Pick: Raury "Cigarette Song"

Raury, Raury, Raury, you couldn’t log onto the internet without seeing his name last year. Bloggers, record labels, lunchroom cafeteria cooks, even God whispered about the prominent Indigo Child. For such a young man, he has a glow that radiates daring creativity and a fearless voice that isn’t muzzled by outside opinion. Raury’s album Indigo Child is a strong release, but his potential shines brightest on “Cigarette Song.” He sounds years removed from 18 as he croons about cigarettes, sex, vices and self-destruction. The acoustic back-drop that progressively becomes more minacious and electrifying gives you this feeling of falling into despair, gradually, the same way inhaling a cancer stick slowly brings you closer to an inevitable doom. His talents as a songwriter and ear for the perfect production are evident, it’s three minutes that we spent months reliving. If he continues to churn out music of this stature, we will be saying Raury, Raury, Raury throughout 2015 as well. 

Congrats to Ryatt and Raury, two artists who both largely debuted in 2014 and quickly gained traction due to their artistic creativity. And for the complete list of award winners, hit that link below:   

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