Best/Worst: 2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace, Big Sean is the Worst & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Chainz Owns Nancy Grace:
As a practicing pot smokeaholic, watching weed force its way into the lungs of America has been just wonderful. I remember the days when all you could find was overpriced, shitty weed and now you can buy it like groceries. Finally, people are realizing that weed not only rocks but is totally harmless (right?). Well, everyone except for crazy old people like Nancy Grace. While the whole world is getting high she is the buzz kill, the narc who wants nothing more than to ruin everybody's good time. Here, she tries to debate the legalization of pot with 2 Chainz for some good ol' fashioned awesomeness. 

When the guy who coined the phrase "She got a big booty so I call her big booty" is making you look utterly foolish, you might be losing the argument. Seriously though, her rationale is straight horseshit. You don't have to be Dr. Tityboi to know that little kids shouldn't smoke weed the same way they shouldn't drink, smoke cigarettes or eat McDonalds everyday. Oh well, at least I got to hear Nancy Grace say "Tityboi"; it rolled right off her tongue. If you ask me, this is the second best rapper-on-a-news-show behind the one and only Cam'ron. You mad, Nancy Grace?

(Cough) Drop It Like It's Hot:

I've said it a thousand million trillion times and I'll say it again, hip-hop is the most powerful force in pop culture. I'm totally biased, I know, but with each passing day, it proves itself to be really, truly true. If it's not Pro Era in the White House, it's a pair of Beats on every single athlete. If it's not 2 Chainz ethering Nancy Grace, it's Waka Flocka Flame moving cough drops like E pills. It's news to me, but apparently last year this Pine Brothers Cough Drop commercial featuring Waka Flocka went viral.

While it seems like a joke, the results are no joke. In an interview with HipHopWired.com, Pine Bros. Marketing Vice President, David Roach said, "Waka single-handedly doubled sales, I’ll say that, and maybe tripled." What's crazy is that Waka isn't even that influential - dude's been relatively quiet on the hip-hop front for years now - and yet he still carries weight enough to move units. How many pop stars or singers could have this effect? I'm telling y'all hip-hop is the most influential genre around. Also, between this and his "Fire Squad" freestyle, I think I'm starting to like Waka Flocka.

Best Music Of The Week:

As explained in last week's podcast, as much as I want to love Freddie Gibbs with all my heart, it just isn't there. Sometimes, though, Gibbs actually does make me feel like a fan - case in point "Satin Black." Freddie spits like a drunk llama (in a good way) and the production from Hanni El Khatib is so unique. Love this track. Plus it's free...what more do you want?!

Worst Of the Week:

I Don't Fuck With You:
Real talk. Big Sean is my least favorite emcee. I've said it seven million times and people are still amazed. I can't tell you why my hate for Big "Parsley" Sean burns long and burns deep, so that's why I immediately latched onto this DJ Mustard MTV interview about how both Sean and Bieber had "IDFWU." 

“We all just didn’t communicate; nobody communicated with my team,” DJ Mustard, who produced the track, explained to MTV News. “[There's] not no hard feelings or anything like that. It’s not a beef or no crazy sh– like that, but we didn’t communicate. I was excited about the record.”

Instead, of course, it ended up with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, who dropped it as part of a collection of four songs late last year; it quickly became the most popular of the batch. “When I got in with Sean, Sean had already picked the record,” the producer explained. “I’m like, ‘Dang, Justin got this record.’ And I always kept telling my management like, ‘Yo, they got this record,’ and everybody was like, ‘Well, we reaching, and nobody else is reaching out to us. So what do you wanna do?’”



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“And I was like, you know what, just give it to Sean, because me and Sean got a relationship. And I ended up doing four songs on Sean’s album.”

Sean just over there slurping up Bieber's sloppy seconds. Truthfully, I like the Biebz, but I fully acknowledge how ridiculous of a human being he is. He can act all hard but we all really know who he is. This is the dude Big Sean is jocking? Please?! Can we all start hating Big Sean now? I'm tired of being alone. Don't like my rationale? Tough; I told you my hate for Sean wasn't rational.

X (Definitely Isn't) Gonna Give It To Ya:

For the longest time, I hated DMX. I thought he was the worst rapper ever. Now though, I mostly just feel bad for the dude. He's had a rough, rough fall from the top. Despite the antics he's been associated with, he's still a human being and it's still sad to see someone struggle as much as he has. When I saw him in Top Five, I laughed, but as the scene went on, I just started to feel bad for him. He's a living, breathing example of how the music industry can break a man physically and mentally. Well, it's not getting any better.

DMX’s latest album, Redemption Of The Beast was released by Seven Arts Entertainment without the permission of X or his team, according to the Yonkers MC’s publicist and manager. “[Seven Arts Entertainment] had no right to put out a new album,” Montana says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

"The only contract DMX had was for Undisputed and that came out two years ago. He don’t have a contract with them to [release] another album.”  Montana says that DMX’s team has already sent out a cease and desist order to Seven Arts regarding Redemption Of The Beast.  “You can’t just put somebody’s album out without permission,” he says. "X only had a contract with them for one album, and that album already came out a long time ago. If they wanted to come out with another album, they had to come to the table. That’s why we sent a cease and desist letter."

The article gets sadder as it goes on, but basically, X isn't getting any money for releasing more (probably shitty) music. I'm not really on his side, nor am I on the side of the label; it's just upsetting that X has fallen this far. Did anybody even know Redemption Of The Beast was a thing? Fuck man. Now I'm all bummed out. Shit is just sad, very sad. Jesus, this was a buzzkill....

Worst Music Of The Week:

I haven't gotten a chance to check out this new Future mixtape, and if all goes well I won't get one. Unfortunately, "Just Like Brudders" crossed me earholes and now I hate music forever.

Comment of The Week:
Sometimes y'all come with some heat and really impress me. Not like "oh that's a funny gif" or "great Rick Ross fat joke" impressive, but genuinely impressed at the passion and intelligence of your comments. It makes me proud to know DJBooth appeals to those who like all the funny shit, but also, are just as rap nerdy as we are. Real recognize real, I guess. Well, TIB's comment on this piece was as real as real can be. Love how he breaks down two artists who I don't really know much about; I learned a lot about Iggy and Azealia Banks through TIB's comment. Hats off to you good sir.

Great piece first and foremost- I have bias when it comes to "which one do you like more" which may cloud my judgment of who I tend to side with but when I discovered Banks - it was a perfect fit because it was during a time where I was continuing to evolve my own music tastes (expanding into more rock, house, & neo-funk, ect) so hearing songs like her "Liquorice", which in turn turned me on to Lone, aligned her perfectly into an artist I would dig during this expansion.

Around the same time while Iggy was starting to pop- I held a similar reluctance to her post-Gucci Gucci, but when I did finally give her burn, I figured she would be oneof those artist that would fit in for some- just not for my tastes. As more output came (the 1991 EP which I loved and the Fantasia Mixtape which had a few bangers and a few complete miss-fires) I really was in her corner but she became harder and harder to defend or recommend to people because of her outspoken nature, which a lot of people just took to mean she sucks. Honestly, Banks made the mistake of causing too much of a ruckus without a full body of work to back her up - you can't go full Kanye unless you have 2-3 superior projects to back you up.

As for Iggy, her T.I. cosign was enough for me to keep trying her singles, but nothing really hit for me. The "culture vulture" debate to me is up and down depending on the day but when it come to the music I think both have their own lane, Banks being the hip-house weirdo and Iggy being the female Pitbull, and that's completely fine, I just hope for Banks' sake she can spend some time away from the keyboard and just put out two strong projects before she raises hell with everyone.

Enjoy your weekend DJBooth Nation!

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