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Best/Worst: Drake is (Air)Ballin, What The F***k is Young Thug Saying & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

ItsTheReal vs Shady People:

It's a well known fact that rappers hyperbolize, but one theme that doesn't get talked about as more story than truth is the idea of "snakes" or "lames." In my experience, most people in the industry are just normal people who love musi. Granted I'm not a super famous and rich artist but still, it can't be that bad. You just gotta be careful because there are people who will lie, cheat, and steal and the anonymity of the internet makes it even easier. The main instance I see is people paying for blog posts or coverage. Artists, NEVER EVER GIVE SOMEONE MONEY FOR A POST!!!! DJBooth never accepts money for posts and neither should any self-respecting music outlet, so tell people who offer you posts in exchange for cash to fuck the fuck off. Need an outline? Well, Jeff (@It's The Real), famous for the Hypemen podcasts and being a genuinely hilarious person, took on a money grubbing a-hole first hand. You can and should read the whole back and forth here, but here is the best part

Jeff Rosenthal:
so the thing is, i’ve written for XXL a number of times. i’ve written for Rolling Stone and Vibe and every other magazine. and what you’re doing is the worst fucking scam i’ve seen and anyone who falls for it is an idiot.
i’ve also been covered by all of those publications.
so i’ve been on both side of the fence.
you should be ashamed of yourself.
but you aren’t.
and you won’t be.
but you should be. Michelle Magee:
This is not a scam, have you been to my page I have proof of all the clients I have got in these magazines Jeff RosenthalL it’s a scam. what editors are you even working with?
because i just hit eric diep on twitter and he said it’s a scam.

Michelle Magee:
This is not a scam, I have placed people but you can think what you want I have nothing to prove to you, I run a very legitimate business Jeff Rosenthal:
sure, good luck with that.
keep taking money from people
the november issue closed a while ago, btw.

The whole interaction is pure gold, a must read. Props to Jeff for taking one of these terrible people to the woodshed and still making it funny. People like that make me sick Lucky for us, for every thief, there is a Jeff ready and waiting to serve up a healthy dose of crow. He's doing the Lord's work...if the Lord was in the rap blog game.

What the Fuck Is Young Thug Saying?

I'm still waiting on the Pulitzer committee to get back to me about my award for my ground breaking lyrical investigation entitled, "What the Fuck Is Young Thug Saying". Oh well, guess I'll just take the award from all my porn star investigations and walk. Besides, Complex taking my idea and running with it is honor enough; I'm basically the most influential person on the internet, just dictating Complex's content like it ain't no thing. In reality, I had absolutely nothing to do with this, like at all, but seeing these people struggle like I did is all the reward I need.

Best Music Of The Week:
RUN THE JEWELS UP IN THIS BITCH! It's been out for like 12 hours and I'm already confident in this selection.

Worst Of The Week:

Tuesdays With Makonnen:
After visiting Atlanta, I came back with a new found appreciation for cats like Metro Boomin, Rae Sremmurd and Makonnen. I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I don't hate them as much as I thought I did. In fact, this week I kind of realized, "shit, you know what, I kind of like Makonnen" when I saw he got sucker punched while performing in New York.



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Yo, what the fuck is that guys problem? What a lame, weak ass attempt. Like the guy is in the middle of performing and you drag him down and try to punch him only to fail miserably and run away? Look, having 10,000 people on stage pisses me off too, but you can't just punch someone. Have some respect for the game and wait till he is done performing the one song everyone wants to hear before you run up and try to steal his jacket. When you make Makonnen out to be the hero of the story, you definitely belong in the worst of the week. Like Makonnen has a hundred people on stage and he is rapping over his own song - two of my biggest pet peeves - and still, I have this urge to defend him; that's how bad that guy failed. Protect Makonnen at all costs. 

Drake really needs to chill when it comes to sports. Has he really not learned his lesson yet? Really? Really though? Whenever he does anything that has to do with sports it turns into open season on his ass and this time, it might be the most embarrassing sports related gaffe. We all know that he is a Kentucky fan (because Drake) well he was lucky enough to get chosen to take part in their midnight madness celebration. Of course he wasn't just hanging out or performing, nope, he had to be a part of the team. Dressed in a Kentucky warm-up suit, he took the court with the team and wen through layup drills. Well, they were layup drills for everyone else, but for Drake, master of the court, he had to take a long jumper and the result is exactly what you think.

An airball is devastatingly embarrassing when you are playing pickup with your friends, so an airball on your one shot to prove you aren't a goober in front of a million people is the worst kind of airball imaginable. I love how he asks for the ball back too. Leave it to Drake to hold up the entire Kentucky Basketball team so he can have another shot at hurling up a brick. I'm awful at basketball, but I'm confident in my ability to not airball that shot. I also love the whole team cracking up after the shot; Drake's one chance to be cool and now the whole KU team thinks he sucks. Like that was just a god awful, horrendous shot, and now, I think I can beat Drake 1 on 1. If I think I can beat you 1 on 1, it doesn't speak very highly of your skills. Drake, stay away from sports, you're embarrassing all of us.

Worst Music Of The Week:
Speaking of Young Thug, this Quan/Thugger collab is awful. Well the lyrics are great - tell me he doesn't say "smores" at the :54 second mark - but the song is literally a "Chainsaw Massacre" on my ear holes.

Comment Of The Week:
The whole comment section on the Shady XV piece. Some of it's good, some of it's bad, and some of it is just balls crazy. But it's all a riveting look into the world of Eminem and the internet. There should be a sociology course on that section alone. Nothing brings out the crazies like Eminem.

fkkkk you dj booth ! eminem is king ! from french !!!!

A dude from France told us to fuck ourselves because we wrote a thing about Eminem he may or may not have been able to read particularly well. I love the internet!

Have a good weekend DJBooth Nation!

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