Best/Worst of the Week: Drake Creeps Out a Pornstar, Kanye's a Dad & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. And for all you hardcore "Best/Worst" fans out there, we're now trying to narrow down each category to just one selection, so it really is the best of the best and the worst of the worst. 

Cool? Cool. Now let's get started...

Best of The Week:

Love It When You Call Him Big Poppa:

You know, there really isn't a more powerful, more controversial name in rap than Kanye West. Both positive and negative, the man evokes so much emotion. I know Drake and Kendrick are super influential too, but when push comes to shove, I think it's Kanye who moves the needle more than anyone else in rap; maybe I'm biased though. No, you know what? I'm biased, sure, but I'm also right. Kanye is the most powerful man in rap. Now, when you have a title like that and such an ostentatious, at times bizarre personality, it can be hard to appear human. It took the "Only One" video to remind me that in addition to being a superstar, Kanye is also an actual person. 

We talk about him like he is some great mythological creature, often forgetting that at the end of the day, when there is no paparazzi, no "Power," he's just a man who loves his kid. I wasn't really feeling "Only One" before, but after the video, I've grown to like it. He may seem so far removed from this world, but Kanye can still pluck at the heartstrings like no other. It's the mark of a true artist. While were on the subject of Kanye being a true artist, take a look at what he said on Ellen (word to HipHopDX for the spotlight):

"We're still trying to find it, trying to find the vibe," he says. "You know, this transition from what I felt when I did Yeezus, to what I feel now. We're just creating, so we haven't found it yet."

So many artists find a lane, a successful formula, and stick to it for years; Kanye does the opposite. We expect artists to make a certain type of music all the time and forget that they too have emotions, thoughts and feelings. Kanye can't make another College Dropout because he's so far advanced from that and though I didn't like Yeezus, it's hard for me to get mad about it. He was feeling some type of way and put it into album form. Albums are reflective of emotions and experiences - they aren't created solely for us - and nobody is better at putting themselves in to an album then Kanye. He's in a completely different place and the music will reflect that. I'm looking forward to it whatever he blesses us with next. 

Speaking of which, he bailed out Big Sean again on "Blessed," which is awfully charitable of him. 

Best Music Of The Week:

This week I discovered Phony Ppl. It was a good week.

Worst Of The Week:

Drake So HPorny:

After all that mushy shit, I think it's time we get our hate on, and this week nobody was more shade-worthy than Drake. Kanye showed us he's just like you and me in a good way - all hail rap dads - but Drake showed he's just like the average guy too; in the sense that the average guy thirsts for porn stars and has no game. Considering she's the most searched porn star on the most popular site on the internet (PornHub) everyone in the world apparently knows Mia Khalifa now, including Drake. In an interview, Khalifa hinted that Drake has been trying to holla. Lord Knows he loves pornstars



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The Miami-bred artist is a Trojan horse in today's underground rap landscape.


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That first person, as Mia Khalifa may have let slip during an interview with CBS Miami 560 WQAM, is a man whose name rhymes with "Rake." Here's the excerpt from the interview where she spilled it:

"What famous person has tried to contact you?"
"Oh I would never reveal that." 

"You can blow ‘em up, don’t worry."
"No way, I would never reveal that, that’s rude." 

"Give me a name it rhymes with?"
Oh my God, it rhymes with...'Rake.'"

Hmmmm, well if you put a D in front of "rake" you get Drake, not exactly an unpromising reveal from Mia. According to her, this Rake character sent her a half-naked shot via Instagram's DMs. She wouldn't say much else about the encounter other than, “It was flattering but his intentions were clear. It was just so cringeworthy.” 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! If you told me Drake was sliding into pornstar DMs like Kenny Lofton I don't know if I would have believed you. Can't he just, like, land a helicopter outside her house and fly her to Paris or something? Apparently not. Turns out if you take away the fame and talent from Kanye, he's a normal dad. If you take it away the fame and talent from Drake, he's that creepy dude at the bar who latches on the the first girl he talks to and follows her around all night. On the plus side, maybe this will inspire a "Worst Behavior" sequel. 

Worst Music of The Week:

Soooo many choices! Meek Mill, Big "Parsley" Sean. Meek Mill and Parsley on the same track?! All painful, but come on, my man's on some next level terribleness

Comment Of The Week:

With a name like Kitty Kat Randy, you don't just comment, you drop mother fucking bombs. Check out Kitty Kat's comment on the Travis Scott article:

His music is the perfect soundtrack to degradation. If you don't like it then you don't have a vagina sitting on your face.

Honestly, I'm not even quite sure what it means, but I'm all about it. The presentation, the name, the delivery, it's all perfect. This guy might be the Mozart of comments. I simply have to know more. Kitty Kat Randy, if you are out there hit me up. I (kind of) want to be friends.

Have a great weekend, DJBooth Nation!

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