Best/Worst of the Week: Drake's Home Movie & Wu-Tang's 88 Year Album


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. And for the hardcore "Best/Worst" fans out there who remember the old format, we're now narrowing down each category to one selection, so it really is the best of the best and the worst of the worst. 

Cool? Cool. Now let's get started...

Best of The Week: If Your Watching This It's Too Late

Drake is an easy target. We're talking a bullseye the size of Peyton Manning's forehead. It's so easy to put a negative spin on just about anything he does under the "Drake is softer than a memory foam cast of Nicki Minaj's ass" principle. Granted it's often deserved, but sometimes it feels like people take anything he does and make it fit the framework of what they think about him. Case in point, this mini, low-budget mini-movie starring Drake and a few of his Degrassi co-stars from 2008 that recently surfaced.

Finally, we get a look into OB O'Briens past; I had been dying to know what he looked like in 2008! In all seriousness, before you throw shade like a palm tree, think about the dumb shit you did with your friends when you were a kid. I'd love to make fun of the awful plot and the lame jokes, but this was better than anything my friends and I ever made. We all fucked around recording dumb shit - we used to put sitcks or cones in the road or recreate Jackass stunts and film the results - but at least this was an original idea. It's not great, but shit, have a heart, give Drake a pass. Even he is allowed to, you know, have fun and do creative shit with friends every once and while. And in light of his recent music, there are some gems here. Peep the cameo by his grandmother and the shitty car he raps about once driving around in. 

Also, when you compare this to say, the video for "Just Hold On We're Going Home" it's pretty incredible. In five short years he went from homemade videos to cinematic, high production visuals. Life comes at you fast. 

Best Music Of The Week:

Jay Electronica is so fucking good. That whole boycott thing really backfired... I can't help it. When the man raps it's incredible. I wish I knew how to quit you!



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Worst of The Week: A Better Tomorrow...88 Years From Now...

I kind of hate writing this, it chills me to my core, but fuck RZA. Who the hell does he think he is? We all know about the fiasco that was the creation of A Better Tomorrow, but this new 88 year album thing makes that look like a good idea. Basically, in attempt to seem super artistic, Wu-Tang (which basically is just RZA calling all the shots) put some kind of copyright clause on their one copy album that stipulated it can only be released 88 years from now. The backlash from fans and Method Man has been negative, to say the least. I can't say I blame 'em, I'm pissed too. Apparently, according to the RZA, Wu-Tang dictator, we are all wrong. He released this statement.

So I guess we get to hear the album, but we can't buy it? The big issue I have here is not so much the album itself, although that's it's own issue, but the convoluted cluster-fuck that has surrounded it. Nobody, not even the other members of Wu-Tang, and it seems like not even RZA himself, knows what's happening with this album. He presented this one copy thing to be edgy and artsy, but it's turned into a mess of Twitter beef and internet rumors. When I think of Wu-Tang, I think of gritty, no-fucks given hip-hop. I think of ODB jumping on stage and shouting Wu-Tang is for the children. They used to be the epitome of hip-hop, but now RZA is turning them into a theoretical experiment. I'll be dead by the time this albums drops, and if it's anything like A Better Tomorrow I'm glad I'll be dead by then, but when something that will be released in 2103 fucks up my feelings for hip-hop made in 1994, we have a problem.  

Worst Music Of The Week:

Finally! After four months, the song you hated upon its release gets a visual treatment. Seriously, this song is hot garbage. One of the worst efforts from both of these artists in a minute. So what do they do? Make a video for it! Lipstick on a pig...

Comment Of The Week:
My man Ben Stern, who, to the best of my knowledge is a newcomer to the DJBooth community, got off to a strong start with this one on the "Lupe Take 2 Review":

that's the beautiful thing about music - If you are open-minded, branching out like you did (no matter which musician/band/rapper you start on), will eventually lead everyone to the best of the best, which creates a new appreciation for the art form altogether. Hip-hop is great for building an eclectic musical taste if you don't let your ego give you tunnel vision.

Well said. Also, great avi, my man. Don't be a stranger, Benny! Have a great weekend Booth Nation!

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