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Best/Worst of the Week: Kanye's Awesome & Iggy's Pizza Problems


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. And for the hardcore "Best/Worst" fans out there who remember the old format, we're now narrowing down each category to one selection, so it really is the best of the best and the worst of the worst. 

Cool? Cool. Now let's get started...

Best of The Week:

So Kanye was in the news this week....a lot. I'm not even talking about that near stage rush/post GRAMMY rant either. While the world (myself included) was busy crafting think pieces on Yeezy, he was already onto the next event. Sure, he was kind of a dick after the GRAMMYs, but in an effort to be unbiased and fair, Kanye actually had a pretty awesome week aside from the GRAMMY madness.

Exhibit A:

Man, as out of touch as he sounds sometimes, the dude is still a man of the people. Imagine how often he gets hit up by struggle rappers and yet he still acts invested and interested. This guy is terrible and Kanye is there with a smile on his face. You can say what you want about his various rants, but this is why I I can't hate him. Ultimately, the guy loves music more than anything. It's why he's crazy, but it's also why he is willing to stand on the street with cameras in his face and give this terrible rapper the memory of a lifetime. He could have heard the freestyle, said" Yeah, cool," and hopped in his car, but he even gave him a chance to spit something written. The dude is the one of the biggest names in music, and two days after the GRAMMYs here he is listening to a random white dude's struggle bars. I guess Kanye is a nice guy.

Exhibit B:

Kanye is so awesome! This is my favorite non-music related Kanye clip in a hot minute. He sounds so charismatic and so happy; when was the last time he talked to the media without a scowl on his face? I love how big of an asshole he is to the paparazzi (terrible questions by the way) so he can keep talking to that kid. He even hooked him up with a pair of his new $7,000 dollar shoes. It reminds me of the Kanye of old. He's simultaneously the most cocky dude on the planet - "do you see this coat?!" - and the coolest.

Oh yeah, plus he released a new song if you are into that sort of thing. It's Yeezy Season!

Best Music Of The Week:



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Worst Of The Week:

No Mediocre Customer Service:

In a week with GRAMMY news, Kanye, Kendrick and Drake, Iggy Azalea still managed to make the news. Don't worry, it wasn't music or GRAMMY related. It's what happened after the big awards.

I know where you think I'm going with this; crack a few Iggy jokes, call her uptight, then pack it in and call it a weekend right? WRONG! I am 100% on Iggy's side here. Imagine having to come home to Nick Young after getting washed at the GRAMMYs. What could have been the best night of your life turned into a total flop. All you want to do is drown your sorrows in some pizza and call it a day, but just as you are about to crack open the garlic sauce you get hit up by some random person. That shit would drive me crazy. America is all about three things: life, liberty and the pursuit of pizza. Anybody in this country should be able to get a pie without fear of persecution. It's in the constitution somewhere. Plus, you can't just go around giving out peoples numbers like that. It's even more fucked up when you think of the tip she must have given. Everyone should be able to enjoy pizza in piece peace, no matter how awful their GRAMMY-nominated music is.

Fun Blogger Fact: In college I worked at Dominos and made a pizza for Joe Biden; think I gave out his information?! Hell no. That's why you go with Dominos. Not only do they make better pizza, they are the upmost professionals.

Worst Music Of The Week:

Did you guys know Lil Kim is still a thing? Here she is with quite possibly the worst song ever. This is proof Auto-Tune doesn't make anyone good. She makes PARTYNEXTDOOR sound like Adele. I'd make fun of her for only having a song that is under two minutes, but here it's a blessing.

Comment Of The Week:

There ain't nothing like the feeling that comes from a certifiable, punch-a-kitten banger. It's hard to put into words but on the Aux Cord Banger piece, DJBooth regular Frankly White described it perfectly.

"Gaaaah Damnn this idea is RIDICULOUS! The IGNORANCE LEVELS are dangerously high right now. You got me in the library at the moment just punchin holes in the walls. I just threw my chair down a few flight of stairs with no regards for anyone's safety. You know I just smacked the kid sitting next to me over the head with the thickest, hard cover Exercise Physiology book in existence bruh bruh. I'm bout to Spartan kick the shit outta this lil girl walkin by."

Congrats sir. Hope the Comment of the Week nod was worth a few assault charges and a lifetime ban from the library. Have a great weekend, DJBooth nation.

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