Best/Worst of the Week: NPR Goes B.I.G., Drake's New Tattoo & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using your brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest Fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Baked Alaska:
Maybe it's that summer job in college or maybe you are currently doing it, but we've al had that job we've fantasized about quitting in the most unprofessional way possible, one last fuck you to the people who made each day a living hell. Sadly, we live in the real world, where you can't just tell your boss to blow himself, so we refrain. Every single person who knows that feeling should stand up and applaud this Alaskan news reporter for quitting live on air with four simple words....

Honestly, at first I didn't believe this was real. I mean, there's no way right? I waited a few days for Jimmy Kimmel to come out, but I'm starting to think it is in fact a real life thing. What really sold me was the anchorman after, just the worst save in human history. She literally has no idea what to do. Absolutely dumbfounded. Mike Myers and Chris Tucker did a better job after Kanye said the president doesn't care about black people. I also love that slight hesitation right before she goes for it, like, "Am I really about to do this?" and then she goes for it. I hope her weed business works out because there is no way she's doing the news again.

Some Juicy B.I.G. Stories:
I know we talked about Biggie a few weeks ago, but that was before I saw this Microphone Check Live segment from NPR. I am a huge fan of NPR and admire Frannie and Ali so much for what they do and how they do it; getting to see them do their thing live was an absolute pleasure. When they do something hip-hop related, it will probably end up here. Like this B.I.G. panel, for instance. Here is two hours of nothing but B.I.G. stories from people who knew him the best:

There is so much here it's nearly impossible to break down, but it's a must watch. I guess the most compelling thing to me was hearing from Donald Harrison, Jr and Hubert Sam about B.I.G first getting into music. It's crazy to think that even back then, both of them could see that he was something special. I never knew Biggie had such a rich,diverse musical education - it makes me look at him in a different light - and hearing about the development of B.I.G.'s voice, once of the most recognizable voices in hip-hop. Instead of going to happy hour or seeing some shitty movie, take two hours out of your weekend and watch this. 

Best Music Of The Week:

Kendrick. Duh. I have listen to this song a zillion times it its still dope, don't know why people don't enjoy it. I tried to hear it from that angle, but I can't. It's a good fuckin' song.



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Worst Of The Week:

Drake On His Worst Behavior:
One other thing from that Biggie panel that stood was when they talk about how emcees now have no balls where as rappers back then had to prove the were tough. We've gone from B.I.G. beefing with Tupac and re-writing his "The What" verse to Drake. Now, I'm no Drake hater - the man is one of the most influential artists in the game and is crazy talented to boot - but sometimes he does things and I'm absolutely baffled. Like people already think you are a sports nympho, so don't wear an Oregon jersey, and people already think you are soft so don't, you know, get an emoji tattoo.

First off, that other tattoo is just terrible. It sounds like a sign you would find in a sorority house bathroom that they got on clearance from Target. Still, it's less teenage girl-esque than a motherfucking emoji tattoo? Sure emojis are cool now, but in five years you think people will still be using them? Hell no. Plus, could he get a more confusing emoji tattoo? Get the poop one or the ghost one so we fucking know what it is; is this a high five or prayer hands? Just an awful decision on so many levels. An emoji tattoo that doesn't even really make any sense? Do better Drake.

Make 'em say Uhhhhhh:
I don't even want to intro this video. Partly because it's Friday afternoon and I'm ready for the weekend, but partly because it's so absurd that I can't capture it so I'll just leave this lawfirm commercial with Master P here.

I literally lost it when I heard that "Uhhhhh." It's been years since I've heard that and I wasn't expecting it to be on a shitty law firm commercial. What a wholesome, hearty belly laugh I had when that uhhhhh pops. Seriously, replay it over and over, it will make you laugh every time. I love this commercial. So yeah it's awesome, but it's so ridiculous and random it has to be a fail, right?

Worst Music Of The Week:
Cool artwork. Absolutely miserable song. I'm usually pretty "whatever floats your boat" in regards to music, but why do people like this?

Comment Of The Week:
For better or for worse, the conversation on Kendrick's "i" is riveting. I feel like hip-hop is the only genre where people feel passionately about a song enough to spend hours arguing about it on the internet with strangers. It might not always be fair or rational, but the passion is always there and nobody brings it out like Kendrick. Here are just a few....

"1 am at the moment here but whatever lets do this damn thing."

"What I hate about the Lamar debate is that people seem to listen to his music with the intention to like it or dislike it. Why cant you listen to appreciate and let it settle like painting. Its like we all expect it to hit us like a straight shot instead of slowly sipping till you feel the effect. None of K Dot's music seems intent on being a banger or a well crafted radio hit. He makes his version of music and we decide if we like it or not and guess what most people like it. I am a fan but it took me several listens to appreciate hs music much like Lupe."

"The level of vulnerability, power, creativity, and sincerity Kendrick has put in his music has been unmatched in the last three years. The music he's made has been head and shoulders above a huge portion of the music I've heard in my life, and that is a lot of music. But is Kendrick the GOAT? Nah, not yet. However, he has a good chance of entering the conversation in my eyes one day."

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