Best/Worst of the Week: Pro Era In The White House, Ross' Face Tat & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Pro(bama) Era

Move over Hov, you're not the only rapper taking over the White House!  Thanks to Jay Z gallivanting around Cuba and running though the White House minked-up, last year, hip-hop practically invaded the White House. I mean, when the most powerful man in the free world is quoting Jay Z, you've officially made it. Though we are only a week into 2015, the trend is continuing. This week, Malia Obama was pictured rocking a shirt from a New York rapper. Jay? Nope. Nas? Wrong. Biggie then?! NO! She was rockin a Pro Era shirt! How awesome is that? I mean Jay Z is an empire, but Pro Era? I'd love to see how this affected their numbers. I'd have to imagine this will help Joey's album sales next month right?

Now to us, Pro Era are old friends, but I can guarantee the non-rap nerd world has simply no idea who Joey Badass is and yet here they are, invading the most powerful house in the world. To see a unknown, independent collective get this kind of shine puts a smile on my face. Of course there are the crazy people who are saying she's a Marxist and all this bullshit, but don't listen to them. Joey for president!

P.S.- On the real, Joey has to be scared about this right?

A Chipotle Inspired "Coco" Spoof? Bitch "U Guessed It"

Typically, I'm not one to find catchy, internet satires funny. For the most part,  think they are super corny and played out. If it ain't Weird Al, it ain't shit.  Well, this week, I happen to stumble across two dope renditions of two dope, ignorant hits. First up, the Korean "U Guessed It"

Okay, so that wasn't a Weird Al-like spoof, but it still gives you that what the fuck am I watching feeling. Honestly, this is actually pretty dope! I mean he makes about as much sense as OG Maco and the beat is equally as simple-awesome. Thought I don't know what they are saying, the energy translates too. It's so cool that no matter what barriers exist, hip-hop can break them the fuck down. People in Korea are fucking with "U Guessed It" just like people in Atlanta. Say what you want about OG Maco, but his music connects with people. It may not be the mot complex song, but there is something there for it to have this kind of reach.

Next up, my favorite A "CoCo" spoof, "Im In Love With Chipotle".

As a expert in both hip-hop and Chipotle, I can say this is great from both sides. Normally I hate these kind of videos, but this one got me good. I've been waiting for someone to sample this vine, I just never thought it would be a group of random dudes cutting up guac with Uno cards. Bravo gentlemen.

Best Music Of The Week:



Fenix Flexin Learned How to Inspire Himself

In a post-Shoreline Mafia world, rapper Fenix Flexin has found peace within himself. He breaks it down for Audiomack World.


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It's not new, in fact its very very old, but I've been listening to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album all week and it's been incredible. I bet it's been a while since you've listened to that album, give it some love this weekend.

Worst Of The Week:

Rick Ross Facial:

A the man behind the Pulitzer winning piece, Rapper Tattoos: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation, I feel as though I am the in house expert on rapper ink, at least that's what's on my resume. So know that Rick Ross has a new face tattoo, let's get right down to judging. Buffalo Wild Wings logo? The Declaration of Independence? Well all know there's enough room. A picture of Gucci with all his face tattoos? What could it be?! What could it be?!

That's it? A heat logo? Lameeeeeeeee. If you are going to get a face tattoo, you really have to fucking go for it; own that shit man! If you ask me, Gucci did it way better; the Illmatic of face tattoos. The man got an ice cream cone on his fucking cheek! What commitment! That's how you do a fucking face tattoo. It's like Rick Ross wanted to enter the face tattoo Hall of Fame, but didn't really want to live the lifestyle of someone with a Hall of Fame face tattoo. Rick Ross half-assed it...although now that I think about it... half of Rick Ross ass is bigger than most whole asses...but you get the point. A small logo of a now shitty NBA team just doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to face tattoos.

This Bugs Me

As you definitely heard, Kanye released a song with Paul McCartney. As you probably also heard, the internet exploded when people began to ask "Who Is Paul McCartney?!". So you probably think that's the fail. Well your wrong. Now I'll admit the trolls almost got me. When I first heard it, I kind of freaked out, but then I remebered that it's the internet and it's probably fake. It was...but don't tell that to the medi.a Luke O'Neil of Noisey did a dope report on an incredibly inane, bullshit story, turning it into kind of an expose on why you should hate the internet. That's some real ass journalism right there.

The thing is, with these types of posts, I think many of the content aggregators actually do know, they just don't care, which is a lot worse. We're living through a human centipede of condescension here. It’s like McCartney once sang on his first post-Beatles solo record: “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.” The Twitter trolls know that the bloggers are too lazy to discern if they're joking or not, the bloggers know that the general reader is too lazy to realize that they're being cynically manipulated, and self-important media critics like me are too addicted to the smell of our own pedantic farts to realize that we got meta-trolled ourselves by writing a piece like this.

Truthfully, I would have probably done the same old angle as everyone else. I had this story filed away all week; it was already written in my mind. Then I read this and took a long hard look at myself. He's right. There's no real repercussions on the internet for being wrong, which can make it a shitty place. Hey at least we aren't as sloppy as say, I don't know a television station...

Worst Music of The Week:

Rae Sremmurd made me feel hungover. I hate hangovers. Ergo, I guess I hate Rae Sremmurd. Plus they had Big Sean on the album; that's like smelling alcohol when you are hungover.

Comment of The Week:
More than funny shit, gifs, or compliments, my favorite comments are the ones where a real, sustained, calm discussion of hip-hop goes on. It';s so rare on the internet and it's so awesome to see that Booth Nation is a community of real people rather than trolls, haters, and bots. I love y'all! Give yourself a big hug if you took part in, whether by writing or reading, the comment debate on the J. Cole review Pt. 2.

Have a good weekend Booth Nation!

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