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The Best & Worst Rap Lines From Fabolous' "Soul Tape 3"


I know he's got his fair share of critics, which to be honest I don't quite understand, but I'm a pretty thorough Fabolous fan. Everyone thinks they have good punchlines and references, but few actually do have better punchlines than Loso. (If you're a Lil Wayne fan thnking of chiming in right now, please don't.) At the very least, that man deserves a permanent spot in the RefinedHype Hall of Fame for pointing out that

every dead presidents related line that includes Franklins makes no fucking sense

So, of course, I spent a solid portion of the holiday break listening to his new "

Soul Tape 3

" and spending way too much time thinking about every reference and double-entrendre because I'm an insane person. And why let all that hard work go to waste? We might as well do a new edition of "Worst/Best" lines, let's go...

"Everything Was the Same"

That boy be on his shoot first, never mind the trivia

My advice, don't mess with his man, word to Nivea

We go back to when we got that white from Bolivia

We was candy shopping before 50 and Olivia

Sure, I'll take two female singers/rappers who aren't around anymore references




, why not. The funny thing is, Fab really came up in that Nivea/Olivia era too, he just lasted longer. 

As long as we're here though, I think it's a little odd that Loso can name the track "Everything Was the Same" and can drop lines like "Nigga, nothing was the same, HOT 97 played it" and I've yet to hear anyone bring up Drake. I'm not saying he's taking shots at Sir Aubrey in the least, I'm just saying, at the very least it's some sort of play on "NWTS". 


Not no Bieber on the hook, I need Anthony Hamilton

I got molly, I got white, I be Hannah Montana and

Like a Migo it's illegal, but it's grands in my hand again

On a purely philosophical level, I completely agree. The world needs less Justin Bieber on the hook, and a whole lot more Anthony Hamilton on the hook. Plus, a solid Hannah Montana/Migos/amigo reference that I kind of wished wouldn't follow us into 2014, but here we are. 

As for that hook...

Jesus died on that cross, that's a sacrifice

Niggas dying for their cross, that's a sacrifice

Rosa Parks took a charge, that's a sacrifice

If shorty took that charge for you, that's a sacrifice

I hate to be the guy getting all worked up over a rap hook, so believe me, I'm not worked up. In fact, I'm borderline napping right now. But comparing Jesus and Rosa Parks to your girl saying that bag of coke was hers maybe wasn't the best idea. Then again, he didn't say they were equivalent sacrifices. Maybe he just means Jesus dying for the sins oh humanity is a sacrifice the same way way taking a drug charge is a sacrifice the same way me not eating that entire box of


because I know my daughter will be upset if she can't have some Goldfish for snack is a sacrifice. 

Well then, carry on. 

"The Get Back" 

We feed off your energy, we see you on that Kenny G

Just tooting your own horn, do your thing my N-I-G

Um.....I'm really divided here. Part of me thinks the fact that Fabolous dropped what has to be one of the only Kenny G references in hip-hop history is amaze balls. But then there's also a part of me that thinks referencing

this dude

and saying the phrase "just tooting your own horn" in any medium should not be tolerated.

As of this moment I'm leaning towards wack, but then Loso comes back with this: 

I'm like Nino with the uzi back of the motorcye heading

To get back at them Italians who killed Keisha at the wedding

I'm like Doughboy looking for Ricky's killer - one last soldier

Niggas who turn they backs on me turn your punk ass over

Y'all smoked my cousin Harold, now I'm in the Camaro

Loving and Happiness playing, me and my dog with this double barrel

38, 40 belows, live or die motherfucker

I'm Pac, you Radames "Riverside Motherfucker!"

Holy sweet baby jesus, applaud that man. That has to be one of the best runs of '90s black movie references to ever grace my eardrums. We're talking multiple "New Jack City", "Boyz n the Hood", "Menace II Society" and "Juice" references back to back to back. I might have to go get a "Netflix" subscription just to brush up on my "The Get Back".  

"The Hope"



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Niggas looking washed up, it's something in the soap

You looking like Adrien Broner in the ropes

My shoes is 2 racks, I should be in the slopes

Might come through in bubble same way they send the pope

First, I love the Adrian Broner reference because we can so clearly date it.

The fight he's referring to

happened on December 15, this tape was released ten days later, on December 25, so this had to be a relatively last minute addition to the project. Did Loso record a lot of these tracks so last minute? Or was "Hope" the exception and it was so good he just had to get it in there? This is the shit I think about way too much. 

I do have to point out though that the new Pope, Pope Francis (aka the cool young hip Pope),

no longer drives

 the traditional bubble-car, so that reference doesn't really work any more. (Or do they still bust the bubble car when the Pope's driving abroad?) And yes, that's incredibly nit-picky, but Fabolous is in that small handful of rappers who really does set the bar for every reference that high, and coming after the Broner line, I expect him to be up on the latest news. 

"Cuffin Season"

She thinking Philippe, I'm think Chipotle

I heard bitches commit sins for chipotle

A flip of one of my

favorite Rick Ross lines of all-time

? I'm in.

Although if I can address some of the aforementioned bitches for a moment; at least it's not Taco Bell, but there's really not anything on

the Chipotle menu

worth risking eternal damnation for. Now if we're talking the carne asada plate from Pinches on Sunset and Crescent Heights, yes, by all means, put your soul on the line, do what you gotta do. But for Chipotle? Come on now, have some self-respect. 

"Thim Slick"

Sometimes I like slim, sometimes I like thick

Sometimes I combine them and I like thim slick

Thim slick probably went over your head

Well shit, no you got me all paranoid Fab. I would have guessed that "thim slick" is just a stupidly obvious combination of "slim" and "thick", you know, like you just spelled out. 

But now that you're saying it might have gone over my head, that means either you think I'm a moron, or I really am a moron and there's some deeper meaning I'm not getting. know what, when in doubt you have to believe in yourself. So yeah, definitely didn't go over my head, and "thim slick" sounds fucking dumb so fuck you Loso for thinking I'm so stupid I wouldn't get it...unless of course I'm missing something, in which case the opposite of everything I just wrote. 

Moving on....

"Lay Down"

And tugging your dungaree, I wanted you under me

Wanted to spread them legs like you number 23


I mean, on the plus side he did manage to bust out a Jordan punchline I've never heard before, which considering Jordan has to be one of the most over-references subjects in hip-hop history is impressive. 

On the downside,

picturing Jordan

while I'm pulling the pants off a hot model ready to have sex to me is kind of problematic. But hey, if that's your thing, who am I to judge? Just cue up that "Space Jam" soundtrack and gets to knocking the boots. 

"Young OG"

Can't be like them niggas out here looking fat and gaudy

They ain't never won no rings but be mad at Horry

Talkin bout, ”man that nigga don't deserve that shit”

Hell yeah. Whenever people get too heavy into counting championships during "who was the better player" debates, it's always good to remember that Robery Horry has won more championships than Jordan or Kobe (and, by the way, Steve Kerr has as many as Kobe). Do you think Charles Barkley thinks about the fact that Adam Morrison has two rings and kind of secretly wants to murder Adam Morrison? The point is, Fab's right, all praise due to Robery Horry. 

Fab also cries about people not sharing their juice with him, which is kind of hilarious if you picture a third-grade Loso still bitter over that one time Jimmy Williams said he's give him a sip of his Capri Sun but then totally didn't.  

So there you have it, a prime example of how easily I can waste the better part of a day paying way too much attention to rap lyrics. If you're a fellow "Soul Tape 3" listener and you've got some favorite lines that I missed, for better or worse, feel free to chip in. 



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