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Best/Worst of the Week: T-Pain is Awesome, Shawty Lo Isn't & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Hot Fiyah

It's probably not the best habit, but I always seem to really judge people for their music. I mean if they like shitty music I don't care - to each his own - but if you know some underground, dope hip-hop that 90% of the population doesn't know about I immediately think you are cool. Last week some girl mentioned she listens to Masta Ace and I almost fell in love. Now you might think Daniel Radcliffe, AKA Harry Potter, might be kind of a putz, and he very well could be, but apparently he is a hip-hop head too. If you had told me he was into hip-hop I would expect him to be a Wiz Khalifa or Flo Rida fan, he just seems kind of nerdy, but on Jimmy Fallon he fucking crushed Blackalicious' classic "Alphabet Aerobics."

Okay, so he isn't Nas on the mic, but still it's unexpectedly dope. You try getting up national TV and rapping, word-for-word one of the toughest songs to rap. Plus, he has the fucking Roots backing him up! How cool is that?!  Finally I can cross watch the Roots and Harry Potter perform "Alphabet Aerobics" off my bucket list.

I'm In Love With A Singer:
While were on the subject of unexpected people doing unexpectedly dope performances. Here's T-Pain on NPR singing... without auto-tune

I don't want to get into a big tirade about auto-tune on a causal Friday afternoon, but I will say this: T Pain is dope. Yah, for the most part auto-tune is used to cover up a startling lack of musical ability, but I feel like T-Pain used it first and used it better. Like clearly he can sing, but instead of just singing, he used auto tune to create a new sound which, is now very influential; think we would have Future if we didn't have T-Pizzle? Plus, he was still crazy good with melodies and hooks. His shit was crazy catchy and that's because he can actually sing and knows how to make a god damn song. I love T-Pain. So can we stop saying he can't sing?

Best Music Of The Week:

C'mon. You had to know this was the move. I mean anyone who was with us at RefinedHype knows how much we love Black Milk. What a great week for music! Any other week, it wouldn't even be close, but this week, Black Milk had some stiff competition. Still, he's Black Milk so he wins. I mean, he made me cry.



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Worst Of The Week:


I fucks with Sesame Street heavy. Back in the day that shit was my show. I also fucks with Ice Cube because, well, he's Ice Cube; I mean he did knock Deebo's ass the fuck out. I also also don't want to be one of those people thinks, because artist acts a certain way they then can't do anything ever that might upset that idea I have of them in my head, but when I see Ice Cube on Sesame Street, it just feels weird.

As funny as it is to hear Elmo say "Ice Cube" I just cant get over the fact that this guy, the one who did "Natural Born Killerz" is now rocking a blue button down and pulling puppet dinosaurs out of a hat and changing himself into an suspiciously stoned looking Ice Cube. I really don't have any issues with rappers doing this stuff in principle, but when it's actually happening, when Ice Cube is chilling with Elmo, it feels weird. Like this guy was in N.W.A, and now he's hugging puppets and doing magic? It's kind of awesome, but so very confusing...

The Lo Point In Rap History:
Normally, awful, gouge your ear drums out with a rusty melon baller, songs are covered in the Worst Music Of The Week section, but sometimes, a song is so bad, so Kesha-filled, that it has to have its own place in history as one of the worst moments of the week. Joining "Timber", as one of the only song to receive such the esteemed low-point of music lowness is Shawty Lo (yes, that Shawty Lo) and Young Thug's "Next Door."

What. In.The.Name.Of.All.That.Is.Good.Is.This? Seriously, the only thing keeping me going in the world was that fact that I would never have to say D4L and Young Thug in the same sentence. As separate entities, they can exist in different universes, but when they get together, it sends me careening into a black-hole of despair. Shawty Lo? If the dude wants to make a good song he'll have to clone Mozart, Hendrix, and MJ, then maybe, just maybe I'll listen, but Young Thug? The sad thing is because Thugger's name is on this it will blow up'; Shawty Lo riding the success of one of the worst rappers in the game. Also, they couldn't be less cohesive. You know how you aren't supposed to go from extreme cold to extreme heat (or vice versa)? Well you aren't supposed to go from Lo to Thug its a horrible, awful, Grand Canyon sized jump to make and you end up in more pain than if you tried to jump the actual Grand Canyon. Death please!

Worst Music Of The Week:

Oh Shawty Lo wasn't enough for you? Masochist! Well, if you truly want more music that will make you hate music forever, enjoy this Gucci/Keef mixtape. Yes, because they have just so much to say and so many different sounding ways to say it, these two made a mixtape, Big Gucci Sosa. Hey, the name is dope I'll give em that.

Comment Of The Week:
When I posted my thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album, I was expecting a barrage of hate and attacks on my race, gender, and/or sexuality, because I know how the internet works. Well, to my surprise, none of that happened, but that doesn't mean the loyal DJBooth readers approved. In fact, they let me know their very mild, rational disapproval with a series of skeptical memes.

Image placeholder title

Did you guys coordinate this? Did Nathan Tell you to do this? It was like being ribbed by some good natured friends, all of you taking part in perfect harmony; piling on together. I have to say, it made me laugh, got the point across, and was nice to not get shit all over. Props to DJBooth nation for being subtle, funny, and creative. Y'all are the greatest. 

Have a great Halloween weekend, DJBooth Nation!

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