Best/Worst of the Week: Lil Wayne In (Creative) Jail, JJ's Jujubees & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Watts My Name:

Normally, I try to make these selections all music related, but sometimes, something happens that is so awesome, we have no choice but to share it. It happened when we landed a fucking probe on a comet, and it's happening again this week thanks to NFL star J.J. Watt. No, he didn't throw a football to Mars or anything (although I'm pretty sure he could), he simply wore a mic while on the football field. Most of the time these are pretty dull, but when it's J.J. Watt it's the coolest thing ever. Not only is he having just an absurd year - double digit sacks and more touchdown receptions than every Chiefs wide receiver combined - making him easily the most dominant player in the NFL, but he also has an engaging and enthralling personality. When you get a player tearing shit up and he is willing to talk all sorts of shit, the result is magic.

Honestly, if that first part about Sno-Caps is not a sample in a Freddie Gibbs song in the next three weeks, I'll quit my job, become a producer, and make it so. "Maybe some Jujubees!" had me dying. Watching him play is so awesome, he doesn't even know the numbers of the guys trying to block them, he just lines up and destroys them; it's like he's Run The Jewels and the O-line is Tyga. Plus, a touchdown catch?! It's like the Texans are playing Madden with a created player. Watching someone play MVP-level football is fun, but hearing them is a whole different animal. If you want more J.J., you can read first hand accounts of what it's like to play against him here.

Shouts out Jujubees...

Run The Jewels World:

So it's kind of a tad bit late, thanks to the holiday the break, but how awesome this is, I think y'all will forgive me. We all love Run The Jewels, unless of course you don't have ears, and I have an incredible amount of respect for Killer Mike, but I have to say, I didn't quite really appreciate all the depth and incredible amount of thought he put into the album's lyrics. When you listen to Run The Jewels it can be very easy to get caught up in the epic-ness, and focusing on what Killer is really saying can be tough. After hearing this I went back and listened to the album again, and connected with it on a whole different, ultimately more significant, level; there is so much depth that goes well beyond a banging beat from El-P. Killer Mike is such an under-appreciated emcee. Listen to the passion in his voice, the intelligence he exudes, this man is all that is right with hip-hop. At a time like this hip-hop needs a voice to rally around and I think it should be Mike. The man is hip-hop. This shit will give you goosebumps; how many interviews can do that?

Best Music Of The Week:

J. Cole...duh... If you are waiting for the album, stop. Go listen now. You'll want to buy it anyway. Shit has me opening my wallet and I never buy albums.

Worst of The Week:

Crash Money:

I'm just going to go ahead and assume you used the internet at least once yesterday and already know about the whole Lil Wayne/Cash Money issue right? Right. If you don't Yoh has you covered. Anyhow, the whole situation is pretty damn fail-worthy. Hell, the Carter V in general is a fail (Have you heard "Off Day"?), but one thing really stood out to me. This tweet:

I peed my pants a little when I read "my creativity is a prisoner." It would be one thing if this was Jay Elec or Gambino saying they are having their creativity stifled, but this is Lil Wayne; a guy who did a song with Paris Hilton. What did Birdman say? "You know Wayne, you can't really mention pussy three times per bar..." I mean, seriously, what was the last "creative" thing Wayne said or did? If you are pissy your album is being held back, fine, but don't pass it off like it's some fucking Phantom Of The Opera/Miles Davis, jazz-showtune fusion shit. If this is the same creativity that brought us "How To Love" you can lock that shit up on Alacatraz. 

The Grinch Who Stole "All I Want For Christmas":

I have a long running list of things girls love, and tucked between pumpkins and Heath Ledger is Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Personally I loathe and detest the holiday number, but if you play it at a party or bar, girls go pistachios. Seriously, next time you hear it, stop and take a second to look at all the girls getting their basic on. It's the most generic, boring holiday song and yet girls treat it like it's their Illmatic. My only hope is that now, after Mariah butchered it like Jason Vorhees, the song will go far far away and die.

Yo. That was miserable. I didn't think I could hate anything more than the original and then Mariah's train-wreck ass goes and does something like this. Good thing that one guy in the crowd had a big-screen tablet, otherwise he might have really missed something. But in all seriousness, nothing is more worst worthy than utter disasters on stage and this was indeed a disaster. "Heartbreaker" Mariah is still bae though; that song is a banger.

Worst Music of The Week:

I'm just kind of, sort of discovering that this Meghan Trianor girl is a thing now, and I have to say, "All About That Bass" ain't the worst thing I've heard. Her new song, though? It's the EXACT same song. Am I the only one who notices? I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills. There was a minute where I literally thought I was watching "All About That Bass" again. I know every pop song sounds the same (excluding my girl Tay Tay) but this is absurd. She didn't even try.

Comment of The Week:

There are some surefire ways to get picked for Comment of the Week. Tell me how great I am, tell me I suck in a creative way, mention Detox, or make a Rick Ross fat joke. The last one is why I'm choosing the homie Frankly White for the winner of Comment of the Week. On the Cash Money piece he dropped this gem: 

I'm waiting on the "I was hacked" tweet. You just know it's coming like Rick Ross over pictures of donuts

Death. Taxes. Rick Ross fat jokes. Have a great weekend, Booth Nation!

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