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Best/Worst of the Week: Wiz Sex Tapes & Mike Tyson Interviews


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using their brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Earl Sweatshirt and Mike Tyson:

I was lucky enough to catch Earl's set at Pitchfork this year and ever since then he's been moving up in my book. I always thought of him as this wild, crazy dude, but he's also more than just shock and awe; he's really dope! Mike Tyson, though? He is the definition of shock and awe. Still, when I saw that Citizens of Humanity had Earl Sweatshirt interview Mike Tyson I was expecting some absurdity. Granted, we got some absurd moments like, I don't know, them talking about The Notebook:

Mike: You know, the thought of that never enters my mind. This is the reality of life. I watched that movie The Notebook. You ever watched that?
Earl: I haven’t watched it.
Mike: Ah, young man, I don’t even know if you understand that stage of life yet. Very interesting thing about that movie, very interesting, it’s one of the movies that makes me really vulnerable. It makes me very vulnerable, because you work so hard for something and you don’t want to let it go.
Earl: Mhmm.

But Notebook references aside, this interview was actually really amazing. I really wasn't expecting this to be so honest and personal - it was riveting. Like more than, "Oh, haha, it's Tyson and Earl Sweatshirt! How crazy!" this was actually a really great read; riveting really. Typically I'm not one to really get invested in these transcribed interviews, but this one had me floored. Check out two excepts that jumped out at me below.

Mike: I look at my beautiful son, he’s so beautiful and handsome. And I think what a guy like me would do to this face. I would choke it, take a chunk of meat out of his head, bite his beautiful face. I would hurt him, and I’m just looking at him and I’m thinking your dad was one of them animals out there. I don’t expect my kids to be “fighters”; my kids never lived in a condemned building with their family. Most of them are at Ivy League schools, their mothers are good mothers, you know, they do good stuff with them. I don’t want my kids to be like me, I don’t want my daughter to date the guy like me. You know, a guy like me success is to take care of my children to take care of their life and make ‘em cushioned. I don’t want them to be around a people like me. You know, success for me would be that they never have the opportunity of being in the presence of someone like me.

Or how about this?

Earl: That’s true. I think mine was more gradual, because I used to be a much more social person. And when I was 16, I got sent away for bad behavior by my mom.
Mike: What did you do?
Earl: I hadn’t done anything specifically, but it was just like -
Mike: Did you break the law?
Earl: I broke the law, but it wasn’t so much that, she was worried about my identity, you know what I mean, and just how I was establishing it. Like the man I was becoming. So I had to spend that year and a half just like searching for myself, you know what I mean, just like figuring myself out.
Mike: We don’t know at 20 years old the man we want to be. I just recently found out the man I wanted to be in life. I said, “This is the guy I want to be.” And I realized everything I did in the past prevented me from being the person that I wanted to be, so I don’t do what I did in the past anymore. But it took me to be what, 45, 47, 48 to really get it, so it’s not like I’m some genius. I learned from experience, no one told me to follow anybody else’s example, I had to feel the stove to realize it was hot. Some people say I’m an idiot because it took me this long to get it and some people can get it right away, some people take a long time. But I got it, At least I got it, some people never get it. I grasped it. I realized I’m not in the streets, I’m not in the clubs no more, you know, I’m not sleeping with strippers or anybody like that.

Way more than a gimmicky interview, this feels like two people just talking and those are always the best interviews. This is a must read!

D'Angelo is Back! How Does It Feel?:

I still remember when D'Angleo's "How Does It Feel" video dropped; I was in fourth grade. It was also the last time I remember hearing anyone mention D'Angelo's name. That was 14 years ago. Well, now he's back with an incredible album. Honestly, I am just really getting into it - I've had a ton of music to listen to - so I've been hearing all the hype this past week or so and didn't think the album would live up to the expectations. Everyone loves a throwback and figured it was just the hype machine. A 14 year break with more downs than ups? Nobody can comeback from that. Nobody but motherfucking D'Angelo. There is a reason people held on for so long and this Black Messiah album is it.

Since I put it in my car stereo, it hasn't left. D.C. traffic can make the most sane man crazy, but where I used to scream and yell at people for being dumb, when D' Angelo is crooning, I don't want to do anything but sit in traffic and listen. Musical comebacks don't always end well, but for D'Angelo, who has not had an easy road to the here and now, to get some redemption is such a great way to end the year. D'Angelo is back folks, and that's just great news. It doesn't get much better than this.

Best Music Of The Week:

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Yo. Noisey did it big with a 40 minute long rap cypher. Some of the participating artists you probably don't know (I doubt the world is that familiar with Yak Ballz), but you have to be amazed at the fucking epic-ness! 40 minutes! Getting any rapper to do anything ever is a marvel, so getting all these rappers to contribute a verse is incredible. Salute. 

Worst of The Week:

Bush & Orange Juice:

On my list of things I want to see, Wiz Khalifa's sex tape is number 8,245,522,220,867,256.46, right next to the directors cut of Gigli and Rosie O'Donnell's Fappening leaks and I'm sure you feel the same way; dude looks like the Ice Age squirrel, ain't nobody got time to watch him fornciate. Watching the Wiz Khalifa sex tape is a fate worse than death, and yet, VIVID was willing to pay a six figure sum to get the rights to the tape. (Unfortunately) TMZ has the scoop:

Wiz Khalifa's got a lot of problems -- about six figures worth -- the Playboy model he banged last week is close to cashing in big time on a sex tape ... but there's just one hang up.

Our porn sources tell us vixen Carla Howe is very close to making a deal with Steve Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment. Carla's totally down to sell the footage for the right price. Problem is ... if Wiz doesn't sign off ... Vivid can't release the porno.

Six figures to watch Wiz Khalifa have sex? Shit, you'd have to pay me six figures to watch it. How absurd is it that we live in a world where a B-list celebrity/rapper gets this kind of offer? I mean, think how much good a six figure check could do and Vivid is willing to blow it on a video of Wiz getting blown?! Now I'm all for not seeing it, but what's Wiz have to hide? Why is he so reluctant to sign off? Maybe a post-coital cry session? Maybe he slipped up and called her Amber? Fuck.

P.S. - Would you rather only be allowed to listen to 28 Grams for the rest of your life or watch the Wiz Khalifa sex tape and one other movie for a year?

Jay Z, Renowned Crack Dealer

It's not like I've got high expectations for Fox News, and per usual The Daily Show says pretty much everything that needs to be said. But still, really? The guy who just helped build an NBA stadium is primarily being referred to as a "crack dealer"? I guess you can't ever out run your past...when Fox News is around to keep dredging it up pointlessly. 

Worst Music Of The Week:

This would probably be The Pinkprint, but that will never touch my ears so I don't even really know if it's awful. Unfortunately, I did happen to catch Nicki rapping with Shaq, Grant Hill, Kenny Anderson, and yes, Ernie Johnson. And even among that illustrious company, Grant Hill was still by far the to Nicki of course.

Comment of The Week:

I knew the Worst Rapper of 2014 article would birth the Comment of the Week and sure enough Ghost Of Len Bias (great name by the way) came through for ya boy.


Seriously though...Tyga. 

Have a Great, Tyga-free weekend DJBooth Nation, and a Happy New Year!

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]



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