Bleu DaVinci Presents "The World is BMF's, Vol. 2 - The Compilation" on October 3rd


NEW YORK, NY -- BMF Entertainment and Bleu DaVinci get ready to release the highly anticipated compilation, "The World is BMF's Volume 2" on Oct. 3rd. The set features exclusive DVD footage.

Bleu DaVinci has evolved over the years from an artist to President of his own company, BMF Entertainment. On this compilation, he introduces his own protégés, Tuge, Oowee, and Computer. The album also features appearances by Yukmouth, Jackie O, J. Diggs, and others.

Most of the tracks are produced by his in-house producer S. Class, who has a long working relationship with Bleu. This is the first release after the tragic death of Bleu's younger brother Baby Bleu. The release of Bleu's solo album was scheduled to be released around this time, but due to these unfortunate events, the album was postponed. Bleu decided to release this compilation before his solo album to showcase his talent and the talent of his protégés.

"I was getting ready to release my album, when the death of my brother happened, and I had to take care of that, and that has basically just delayed the release, but with this compilation I get to introduce the new artists on BMF Entertainment," says Bleu.

The first single on "The World is BMF's Volume 2" is the street anthem, "Star in the Hood" by Tuge featuring Bleu DaVinci.

Track listing for "The World is BMF's, Volume 2 - The Compilation":

1. BMF's Comin' - The MOB f. Bleu DaVinci

2. Star In The Hood - Tuge. feat. Bleu DaVinci

3. Money Grown - Bleu DaVinci, J Diggs & Yuk Mouth

4. Work - Bleu DaVinci

5. I Know They Watching - CT and Bleu DaVinci

6. Ride Together - Bleu DaVinci. feat. Jackie O

7. O.G. Oowee f. Bleu DaVinci

8. Move In Move Out - CT, Gotti, Bleu DaVinci.

9. Love To Smoke - Bleu DaVinci

10. Fu*^ & *% Wit Me - Bleu DaVinci

11. Deep Sh*t - Bleu DaVinci f. S. Class

12. Dippin - Bleu DaVinci feat. Meech

13. Strip For Me - Computer, S Class, Bleu DaVinci & Lo Diggs

14. Get It Crunk - Bleu DaVinci

15. Sideways - Computer

16. It Ain't Easy - Bleu DaVinci