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Mute & Enjoy: B.o.B & 2 Chainz Release NSFW Lyric Video for "Headband"

YouTube already pulled this for various titty and vagina violations.

Remember when lyric videos were innocent little visuals scattered with kittens and rainbows? Okay, maybe they weren't that innocent but the lyric video to2 Chainz andB.o.B's "Headband" is easily the first of its kind.

Heavily on the raunchier side of the spectrum, the video features three women performing a workout routine while sporting thongs as the lyrics to "Headband" flash by.

I'm sure the song will get a ton of attention thanks to the NSFW-ness of the video, but 2 Chainz may want to steer clear of lyric videos in the future because they show you just how elementary the rapper is lyrically.



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As far as the actual song is concerned, "Headband" is a pretty catchy number although I have to admit that it's somewhat awkward hearing B.o.B drop pu**y bombs every other bar. Suffice it to say that this one is bound for the strip club.

Update: YouTube already pulled this for various titty and vagina violations, I replaced with a currently working version. If they remove this too, you're on your own finding a working version.



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