The Multitalented B.o.B Rocks Stage at SOB's [Exclusive Coverage]


New York, N.Y. – History has proven that it is not easy for artists who refuse to be boxed into a single musical genre. When


sat down with DJ Z

in February, he discussed what it was like to warm up audiences worldwide with his

May 25th

street album, and build a platform off of which to become a best-selling artist. Well, dear friends, the platinum sales of the

Bruno Mars

-assisted “

Nothin’ on You

” have revealed the method to his madness. Fans came from far and wide to attend the performance he put on for New York City at SOBs Monday night. Microphone-ready openers



Charles Hamilton

readied the crowd for a Mayweather-esque B.o.B, who made his entrance onto the stage like a boxing champ.

After setting the scene with a few teasers and crowd-pleasers, which included the aptly-titled “

Mellow Fellow

,” a burst of reality hit—this guy is multi-faceted, and can actually play instruments, too. Rock band in tow, Bobby Ray picked up his apparatus and amped up the crowd with acoustic renditions of “

I’ll Be In the Sky

” and “


.” New Yorkers who were not familiar with his savvy, and perhaps knew only of his radio-friendly persona, were introduced to another side of the ATLien, the musician that straps a guitar to his back while passionately screaming his lyrics from the bottom of his heart. Following an encore, he launched into a freestyle over

Mobb Deep


Shook Ones Pt. II

. Finally, he sent attendees off with a performance of the breakout hit they had all been waiting to hear.