Finally, A "How Much Do Rappers Lie About Their Money?" Chart

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Goddamnit. Motherfucker. As the man who, I think I can not so humbly-claim, invented "

Your Favorite Rapper Is Poor

", it pains me to get beat out by a white collar (emphasis on white) magazine like Businessweek. Son of a bitch, I should have come up with this chart.

But I won't let my jealousy get in the way of a dope piece. My mission with "Favorite Rapper Is Poor" was to showcase the gap between rap finance reality and rap finance fantasy, and BusinessWeek broke it down as well as it can be broken down by comparing 2012 lyrics to 2012 earnings.

Now, while I don't usually rush to the defense of Nicki Minaj and Pitbull, they did take some lyrics over-literally. I don't know if some of these rappers were saying, "I've actually got a billion" so much as they were using a billion as a metaphor for their next level shit. There's some real cherry picking going on here, and no, there's not a detailed breakdown of where they got the earning figures from. So relax, this is THE definitive chart/list/etc. I'm too lazy to make THE definitive chart, which is why I'm forced to let BusinessWeek take the lead. It's just a jumping off point to once again talk about rap money; 50 Cent throws casually throws out $100 million numbers and only* made $7.5 million last year? Ok, fine, let's talk.

Click here

for the full, (slightly) interactive version. Enjoy...

* $7.5 million is "only" $7.75 million more than the average American makes. I'm not comparing 50's bank roll to the average guy, I'm comparing 50 Cent to 50 Cent's lyrics.