Busta Rhymes and Clinton Sparks Presents "New Crack City"


Clinton Sparks and Busta Rhymes have come together to release the highly anticipated mixtape (or as Clinton likes to call them, Mini-Albums) "New Crack City." The mixtape features 24 brand-new, exclusive tracks from Busta Rhymes with guest appearances from the following artists:

Dr. Dre, Rah Digga, 50 Cent, Papoose, Spliff Star and more.

The mixtape will serve as the official prelude to Busta's landmark Interscope/Aftermath debut,

The Big Bang

, which drops on 6-13-06.

Track Listing:

1.) New Crack City Intro

2.) New Crack City-Busta Rhymes

3.) Flipmode Bitch-Busta Rhymes f/Papoose & Spliff Star

4.) Welcome To New Crack City-Busta Rhymes (interlude)

5.) I'm Loco-Busta Rhymes & 50 Cent

6.) Survival-Busta Rhymes

7.) Get Familiar Bitch-Busta Rhymes (interlude)

8.) However You Want It-Busta Rhymes

9.) Bang-Busta Rhymes f/Labba, Reek Da Villian

10.) Please Don't- Busta Rhymes & Labba

11.) Just Another Day At The Range- Busta Rhymes & Rah Digga

12.) Whenever We Walk In-Busta Rhymes & Spliff Star

13.) Untouchable-Busta Rhymes f/Rah Digga & Spliff

14.) R.I.P-Busta Rhymes f/Labba Rick James

15.) Relevant-Busta Rhymes (interlude)

16.) Footsteps-Busta Rhymes & Labba

17.) Been Down This Road- Busta Rhymes & Rah Digga

18.) Look Who-Busta Rhymes f/Dr. Dre

19.) It's All Over-Labba

20.) We Be All Over The Place-Busta Rhymes f/Labba & Spliff Star

21.) Fire In The Hole-Busta Rhymes & Black Rob

22.) Followers-Busta Rhymes f/Pharrell

23.) Mixunit.com-Busta Rhymes (Interlude)

24.) I'm Talking To You-Rah Digga

25.) So Simple-Labba

26.) Best That Ever Did It-Busta Rhymes & Rah Digga

27.) Get What I'm Saying-Busta Rhymes f/Spliff Star & Labba

28.) Another 1 Dead-Labba

29.) Fuck Friend-Labba

30.) Those Lips-Reek Da Villian

31.) C'Mon If Your Ready-Busta Rhymes

32.) Big Bang Outro-Busta Rhymes

33.) SmashtimeRadio-Get Familiar!!!



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