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Vintage Video Proves Chance The Rapper Was Dope Even Before '10 Day'

Chance *been* dope.
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Before Chance The Rapper got his toes wet with his 10 Day mixtape and secured his spot as one to look out for with the release of his highly-praised Acid Rap mixtape, he was apparently one of those really talented high school kids. 

Video obtained by Noisey for their newly-introduced "The Internet Is Written In Ink" column proves that the Chi-Town emcee was likely hella dope way before you were trying to imitate his quirky, little dance in the "Smoke Again" music video.

The minute-and-a-half visual is set to Chance's "Beddy Bye" record and includes footage of the now 20-year-old rapper showcasing some of his work for Chicago mayor Richard Daley. 

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The obvious standout in the brief video is "Beddy Bye," a sort of whimsical ode to Chance's Windy City hometown. What's also surprising is how mature the record sounds. We're talking about a record that could have been recorded when the rapper was between 15 and 17-years-old, yet "Beddy Bye" is surprisingly mellow for someone that age.

You can find plenty of other previously undiscovered gems from Chance on the Noisey website.



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