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79 Things Chance The Rapper Hates on "No Better Blues"

Chance The Rapper isn’t shy about his dislikes; he absolutely hates everything except Chris

Let's begin, shall we?

1. His Bed
2. His Home
3. His Job
4. His Wife
5. His Kids
6. His Dog
7. The Sun
8. The Rain
9. The Clouds
10. The T.V.
11. The Dinner
12. The Couch
13. The Car
14. The Bus
15. The Road
16. The Bar
17. To Drink
18. To Smoke
19. Strangers
20. The Strangers Boss
21. The Strangers Friend
22. The Womb
23. His Twin
24. His Hands
25. Handshakes 
26. Pancakes
27. Milk Shakes
28. Child Resistant Locks on Pill Cases
29. Inflation
30. Stores
31. To Choose 
32. War
33. The Poor
34. The News
35. The Late
36. To Wait
37. His Lovers
38. To Love
39. To Hate
40. The Date
41. To Lose
42. To Try
43. To Win
44. To Cruise
45. To Fly
46. To Swim
47. The Optimistic Smirks On The Face Of Children
48. The Government
49. Those That Deface Government Buildings
50. Artist
51. Creatives
52. Bright People
53. Darkness
54. Racism
55. White People
56. Small Speakers
57. Loud Speakers
58. Great Concerts
59. Crowds
60. Money
61. Change
62. Hope
63. The Funny
64. The Strange
65. The Dope
66. Charities 
67. Parodies
68. Tragedies
69. Carrots 
70. Peas
71. Asparagus
72. Virtually All Vegetables 
73. Circuses 
74. All Festivals
75. Oversexual Text Messages 
76. Emotion 
77. Schedules
78. Calendars
79. Reminders

Chance The Rapper isn’t shy about his dislikes; he absolutely hates everything except Chris. His new song, "No Better Blues," is a blackboard with a long list of passionate repugnance. Silky Johnson, Buc Nasty and Beautiful would be proud of Chicago’s prodigy. Anyone who hates, “The Optimistic Smirks On The Face Of Children,” deserves to be mentioned with some of pop culture’s most diabolical haters. To think the rapper that reprised "Arthur’s Theme Song" could make music denouncing milk-shakes and pancakes is downright sickening. I can understand asparagus, circuses (clowns are the devil's angels), and the child safety lock is a pretty shitty invention when you don’t have kids, but he hates white people and racism? Nothing worse than a rapping hypocrite (hello, Rick Ross). OFF WITH HIS HEAD I SAY!



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Okay, on a serious note, reading the list, it’s hard to believe anyone could have such a dismal perspective. That’s the genius of “No Better Blues.” It’s human to wake up and see the entire world as a dismal gray. A gorgeous ocean view is nothing but ugly water full of whale semen. Happiness is a fleeting emotion, his extended vacations are when depression decides to visit. It’s also human to hate, carrying a strong disdain from anything ranging from Newports to Olive Garden.

Chance touches on hate in the literal, depressing in the unbiased, relating to all our loathing. Isn’t that what the blues are? Out of those 79, there’s something that harmonizes with your feelings. The more music we receive from Chance and The Social Experiment, the more it seems he’s trying to connect on an emotional plane. "Arthur" is positive; "No Better Blues" is the negative, both sides of the spectrum. Music for society’s highs and lows.

Seriously though, fuck asparagus. 

By Yoh, AKA 2 Vowelz, AKA @Yoh31



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