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That One Time Chance The Rapper Made a Love Song for Weezy

I know it’s only September, but Chance is looking like my nominee for the “who had the best year” debate.

It’s been a hell of a summer for Chance The Rapper; a breakout tape, a spot at Lollapalooza, and now, a song with Lil Wayne. Regardless of how you feel about Weezy, being a feature on one of his songs is a sign you have officially made it. Of course Wayne’s "Dedication 5" features the likes of Gudda Gudda, 2 Chainz and a few more of your favorite terrible rappers, but sprinkled in among the genitalia and weed driven cuts is one soulful tune that features the young Chicago emcee.

“You Song” is technically Wayne featuring Chance, but judging by the back-story (and the cut itself), it's really more like Chance featuring Wayne. In an interview with Complex, Nate Foxx, one of the song's producers, explained how the memorable effort came to be.

Complex: Congratulations, this a huge look. What is the story behind this record?

Nate Fox: First of all, it was super, super random. I decided to come out to Chicago just to kick it for a little bit. I really didn't have a reason to be here. And Chance texted me saying "Come to the studio at 11." I get there at 11, and it's me and Peter, Cam, Chance, and Pat, and everybody's there. And he pulls us to the side and he's like "So....we have to make a song for Dedication 5...tonight." We were like, "Ok for sure, whatever you say." And Chance was like, "No, for real, they called me, they said I can send them whatever I want. Not like Wayne has a song for me, Wayne needs a song from me.

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It is a pretty cool story to an already awesome track, and really puts Chance and his crew's meteoric rise into perspective. Six months ago Nate was making songs for a relatively obscure, young Chicago rapper, and now, thanks to that rapper “blowing up” he is now making a beat for Weezy. Not only was Chance given the nod as a feature, but Weezy basically said, make a song and send it over, it wasn’t like he already had a beat and just needed a 16 from Chance. He gave him full creative license to do whatever he wanted which says a lot about how the some of the game biggest names view Chance (who is only 20-years-old).

As for the song itself, it is pretty damn good; especially considering I never thought I would hear Chance and Wayne on the same cut. Granted Chance takes the spotlight—“You Song” just has that Chance vibe to it—but this has to be the best effort from Wayne in a long time; a very different and a welcome change from his usual shtick.

I know it’s only September, but Chance is looking like my nominee for the “who had the best year” debate.



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