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That One Time Chance The Rapper Made A Love Song For Weezy

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It’s been a hell of a summer for

Chance The Rapper

; A breakout tape, a spot at Lollapolooza, and now, a song with

Lil Wayne

. Regardless of how you feel about Weezy, being a feature on one of his songs is a sign you have officially made it. Of course Wayne’s "Dedication 5" features the likes of Gudda Gudda, 2 Chainz and a few more of your favorite terrible rappers, but sprinkled in among the genitalia and weed driven cuts is one soulful tune that features the young Chicago emcee.

You Song

” is technically Wayne ft. Chance, but judging by the back-story (and the cut itself), it's really more like Chance ft. Wayne. In an interview with


, Nate Foxx, one of the songs producers, explained how the memorable effort came to be.

Complex: Congratulations, this a huge look. What is the story behind this record?

Nate Fox: First of all, it was super, super random. I decided to come out to Chicago just to kick it for a little bit. I really didn't have a reason to be here. And Chance texted me saying "Come to the studio at 11." I get there at 11, and it's me and Peter, Cam, Chance, and Pat, and everybody's there. And he pulls us to the side and he's like "So....we have to make a song for Dedication 5...tonight." We were like, "Ok for sure, whatever you say." And Chance was like, "No, for real, they called me, they said I can send them whatever I want. Not like Wayne has a song for me, Wayne needs a song from me.

It is a pretty cool story to an already awesome track, and really puts Chance and his crews meteoric rise into perspective. Six months ago Nate was making songs for a relatively obscure, young Chicago rapper, and now, thanks to that rapper “blowing up” he is now making a beat for Weezy. Not only was Chance given the nod as a feature, but Weezy basically said, make a song and send it over, it wasn’t like he already had a beat and just needed a 16 from Chance. He gave him full creative license to do whatever he wanted which says a lot about how the some of the game biggest names view Chance (who is only 20-years-old).

As for the song itself, it is pretty damn good; especially considering I never thought I would hear Chance and Wayne on the same cut. Granted Chance takes the spotlight - “You Song” just has that Chance vibe to it - but this has to be the best effort from Wayne in a long time; a very different and a welcome change from his usual shtick.

I know it’s only September, but Chance is looking like my nominee for the “who had the best year” debate.