Macaroni Time With Morgan Tracy: What the F**k is Chief Keef Talking About?


Yes, of course the point of "

Rap Lines That Make No Fucking Sense

" is to crack some jokes about rap lyrics, but believe it or not, I also started it because I really wanted to figure out what the fuck rappers were talking about. As a hardcore rap nerd, it bothers the hell out of me when I don't get a line - the idea that it does make sense, but I just don't get it - drives me pistachios. And no one drives me more walnuts than

Chief Keef


Some of his songs I get. "Love Sosa" is about some ladies loving Sosa. "Don't Like" is about things he doesn't like. Got it. But there's also no shortage of time when I just have no fucking idea what Keef is talking about. On one hand, I can't say I'm exactly up on my Chicago street slang, so there's a decent chance it makes sense but I just don't get it. On the other hand, Keef doesn't exactly seem like the kind of guy who's particularly concerned about his lyrics making perfect sense.

So in that spirit, let's take a look at some of Keef's most confusing work and see if we can decode it...

"Macaroni Time"

The song that started

the whole "what the fuck is Chief Keef talking about?" question running through my head. In the two months I've gotten about 20 different explanations for what "macaroni time" means, which makes me think that no one actually has any fucking idea what macaroni time means.

The strongest contender we have so far is that "macaroni" comes with "cheese", "cheese" is money, and so macaroni time is time to get money. And in the course of researching this article I found another song called "Doritos Day, which lends some credence to the "Chief Keef likes making cheesy food references" hypothesis.

And no, you can't make this shit up. There really is a "

Doritos Day


"Morgan Tracy"

When this shit dropped today a lot of the interwebs said that it was "Dedicated to the comedian/actor" Tracy Morgan...only that's not the actual song title, and I can't find a single Tracy Morgan reference in the song.



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So now the question is, did Keef really name this after Tracy Morgan and got dyslexic with the title on purpose, or is it not about Tracy Morgan at all? Shit, for all I know the man's got a cousin named Morgan Tracy that the song's really about. I'd love to get confirmation on this.


Now I can guess this one, and I'm guessing that "deezy" is slang for "feeling high/drunk/generally fucked up", but I don't actually know. Is this


a slang word, or did Keef just say a random word, was so "deezy" it sounded like a slang word, and he went with it? Or did he say it first, more people picked it up, and now it's actual slang?

There are the important questions in life people. And yes, I'm completely serious. Can anyone, particularly my Chicago-area people, tell me if "deezy" is common slang?


"Go get you some money / And make that a hobby!"

You keep using that word. I don't think that word means what you think it means.*

A hobby is "an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation." Lord knows I'm not going to try to get inside Keef's head, but I'm pretty sure he means getting guap should be a full time job., or at the very least a primary focus. You know, the exact opposite of a hobby.

On a side note, Keef's other hobby? Scrap booking.


Holy sweet baby jesus, how did I miss this? Is this real life? I know this is only a snippet and there's no confusion over what he's rapping about, it's about emojis, but fucking come on. Motherfucking Chief Keef did a song about fucking emojis: "Since that bitch like emojis / She like to text emojis / I sent ha a emoji / Like don't call my phone please! / No I don't like macaroni / No u can't cook it fo me."

The lesson, as always? It's macaroni time, except when it's not macaroni time, in which case there better not be a single piece of macaroni in the same room as Keef or there's gonna be a problem. HE DOESN"T EVEN LIKE MACARONI! WHY DO YOU KEEP MAKING HIM MACARONI !?!?

* Did I just throw

a "Princess Bride" reference

on a Chief Keef post. Yes, yes I did.



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