Fails: "Law & Order: Special Victim Unit's" Awkward Rihanna & Chris Brown Inspired Episode (Video)


The "Law & Order" franchise has long been known for its "ripped from the headlines" episodes that flip actual news stories and turn them into intriguing plot lines for various episodes. And "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" recently aired what will likely be their most talked about "ripped from the headlines" episode to date. The episode, which aired yesterday, is clearly inspired by the turbulent relationship between singers





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Chris Brown


With some recent and pretty major changes to its cast I can only assume that "Law & Order: SVU" isn't doing as well as it has in the past and this Rihanna and Chris Brown-inspired episode seems to be their attempt at remaining relevant. Quite frankly, the fact that they would air such an episode is a little tacky in my opinion. It comes across as a very cheap way to pull in some extra fans and possibly gain the ones you lost by using someones own personal tragedy.

If "Law & Order: SVU" was hoping to tackle issues of domestic violence then that's fantastic, but don't they have a crew of writers available to craft stories that aren't based off of someones life?



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