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Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on Biggie's "Juicy"

We decided to highlight some of the most hate-filled comments on Biggie's classic "Juicy" single.
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I don't know if I'm willing to say that the internet has inspired a generation of haters. The truth is there was probably a caveman saying "yeah, fire's not really that dope though if you think about it" in the earliest days of humanity.

But the internet has provided a place for haters to make their mark, and no one's safe, not even some of the most unanimously praised songs in hip-hop history. So to show just how ridiculous this shit is, we're bringing back our "Classic Hate" series, where we highlight some of the most hate-filled comments on classic tracks.

First up, one of the only places we could possibly start, Biggie's classic-of-all-classics, "Juicy." Haters, you're up...

Let's just go ahead and kick things off with the most haterish comment around.

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Little known fact, no one thought Biggie was good until he died. It's a fact, look it up. It's like, history and shit. Everyone was like, "this dude sucks," and then he died, and then everyone loved him. 

A word of warning, though, don't let this guy suck you into trashing some of the "newer" rappers he named in the name of rushing to Biggie's defense. Let's unite around dope hip-hop, not let it divide us. More on that below...

Thanks for stopping by Guy Whose Username Is Just Randomly Hitting a Bunch of Shit on Your Keyboard. Always good to see you, I don't think we have any choice but to take your thoughts very seriously. 

I hate to break through your haze of golden nostalgia, I bet it's very comfortable in there, but "Juicy" was a radio hit, as were "Big Poppa" and "One More Chance." At one point "Ready to Die" was the number three album in the country. So I have no idea what "would have sold out" even means. Not exactly a hater comment, but I felt compelled to jump in regardless. 

Yep, Biggie was gay. The acronym stood for The Notorious B.ecause I.m G.ay, I thought that was common knowledge. 

Ice cream's not even that good, though. Who wants to eat delicious frozen treats? Also, fuck comfortable pillows, and forks. Forks are mad overrated. That's why I only eat spaghetti with a spoon. 

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Also, it's ridiculous that after so many years, and both of their deaths, some people still can't talk about Biggie without disparaging Pac, or vice-versa. 

What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Just a classic grumpy old hip-hop head comment. You know you can listen to Biggie and Kendrick, right? Or just Biggie? It's not like there's only a certain amount of rappers allowed in the world at any one time, and when new guys appear the older ones get booted off the list. Hate's so deep it's spilling over to rappers who aren't even in the video. Although, it is hilarious to picture Biggie standing next (or "nest") to Kendrick. It'd be like looking at a Big Mac next to a White Castle burger. 

And if you don't troll, now you troll. Biggie, I believe you can handle this one yourself

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What's up with the "nagger" though? Come on son, if you're going to be a crazy racist YouTube commenter, don't get shy when it really matters. Go hard with your crazy racism or go home. 

Um...he's sitting on about half a billion dollars. That's where he is now. There are a lot of ways to effectively talk shit to Puffy, that's not one of them. 

This has to be the most commonly misunderstood lyric in hip-hop history. The lesson? If you don't understand something, that doesn't mean it's part of a secret Illuminati conspiracy. And if you still don't know what I'm talking about >>> "9/11, Biggie & History’s Only Case of Retroactive Censorship"

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Hope you enjoyed the first episode of "Classic Hate." Let me know what classic material you'd like me to dig into next. Until then, remember...

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