DJ RTC & RubyHornet.com Drop "Closed Sessions (Vol. 1)" [Download]


Chicago, Ill. --




have just dropped

Closed Sessions (Vol. 1)

, a collection of collaborative tracks recorded in Chicago's

SoundScape Studios

. In addition to nine original cuts featuring such Booth-acclaimed artists as



Bun B


Kidz In The Hall



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(to name a few), the project comes complete with five interludes, liner notes telling the story behind each track, and links to each

Closed Sessions

video. Readers can find the download link, as well as RTC's thoughts on the project, below.

People often hear the final product, but fail to understand the amount of work that went into creating it. Describe the amount of effort and time it took to create a 100% original project like Closed Sessions (Vol. 1)?

This is a pretty simple question, yet one that I really don’t even know how to begin to answer [laughs]. We started this project in June of ‘09 with Curren$y, and at that point, I don’t think any of us saw this finished product in mind. As time went on, we did more sessions, everything continued to evolve and I think it was after a Bun B and GLC session when our designer came up with the cover art format and everything made sense. From the outset, the songs were just one manifestation of what we wanted to do, which was to create these experiences that we call "Closed Sessions." Each sessions on its own took a lot of time and effort coordinating with artists, producers, and engineering. Right up until the end we were logging long hours on editing videos, creating cover art for each song, assembling liner notes and before we turned in the final copy I was at the studio til 3AM with [the engineer] arranging it and creating the interludes. But at the end of the day it feels like it flew by because every minute we spent was worth it to create our first EP, and to launch

Closed Sessions

properly as a company. This is something that I personally wanted to do since I first started DJing, and the kind of project that I really want to be known for. All that we’ve been doing at RubyHornet has led up to this, and none of it would be possible without everyone here. This isn't meant to be a here-today/gone tomorrow thing. It’s our hope that people understand fully what we are giving them.

When choosing artists for this project what criteria did you use (sound, region, style, etc..)?

We wanted to work with artists that we liked, first and foremost. We weren’t just asking artists to send us a song they made, had left over, or recorded on their own. We were asking artists to come to Chicago, spend hours with us going around the city, and actively participate in "an experiment" so to speak. So, we wanted artists that WANTED to do it. We approached some artists that just didn’t "get it," but we didn’t try to convince anyone. The artists that “got it” are the ones you see. As far as their sound, or region, we definitely wanted to balance out the EP and create diverse music. We have someone like Bun B working with GLC and BJ The Chicago Kid, and Emilio Rojas with Scheme and Astonish. I feel like each song tells a story of the time period in which it was created, and we wanted to work with artists and producers that would make for interesting stories. The most important criteria, though, was the artist’s presence in Chicago. Some of the artists on the EP we brought out specifically such as Skyzoo and Amanda Diva. Others happened to be visiting and we reached out (Tanya Morgan, Bun B etc...).

Can (and should) readers expect a Vol. 2?

Most definitely! We have already started the next edition of

Closed Sessions

, and kicked it off in grand fashion with an 16-hour studio session with none other than DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples who made songs with Rhymefest, GLC, and ADaD. Any artists or producers that would like to participate in a Closed Session can hit me up via email (alex@rubyhornet.com) or



Download Closed Sessions (Vol. 1)



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