J. Cole Turns NYC into a "Cole World" Party [Exclusive Coverage]

DJBooth was on hand for an exclusive preview of J. Cole's anticipated freshman album.

New York, NY – For those of you who may already know,

J. Cole

is on his way to becoming a household name—he has already debuted at the top of the

DJBooth.net Rap Chart

—and if you don’t know, now you know. His Santos Party House listening event, sponsored by Ketel One, gave a herd of hip-hop heads a sneak peek at what’s to come in late September, when his album,

Cole World

, drops.

While it’s no secret that while Cole has been garnering the acclaim of fans, artists and critics, the proof is in the pudding. The album features guest spots from such luminaries as

Missy Elliott




Trey Songz

, and


—your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, and the guy who hustled to sign Cole after hearing a few tracks from his mixtape

The Warm Up

. It’s clear that Cole worked hard to lay the groundwork and burn a hole through a few eardrums early in the game, and it is now his mission to give listeners a chill to their very core.

Cole gave attendees enlightening details about the creation of some of his songs, and wanted them to better understand him as an artist through

Cole World

. With closed eyes and a lucid sense of humility, he listened along to each song, including the much-admired, self-produced crowd pleaser,

Mr. Nice Watch.

It is ironic, and sort of like a climax in an action movie, that in a city where Cole has been embraced throughout his career, he enthusiastically expressed his determination to make the NYC listening-party attendees gain awareness of what he was looking to accomplish with the album.

If this listening session is any indication, his goal isn't out of reach - this album is going to make him a household name.



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