Devin the Dude Decides to Puff Puff Pass on Rap-A-Lot


Houston, TX -- After more than 15 years with his one and only record label, Devin the Dude has decided not to renew his contract with Rap-A-Lot Records in an effort to pursue other career options. Since signing his deal with the Odd Squad on Rap-A-Lot records in 1992, the legendary comedic rapper has been splitting the spleens of hip-hop lovers with his hilarious brand of risqué funk with each project. Releasing their first album together Fadanuf Fa Erybody in 1994 the group's unique style, flow and themes quickly made them a favorite on the underground.

Recognizing his genuine appeal, Houston's Godfather of hip-hop invited Devin to join another group, Face Mob which only put out one album together (The Other Side of the Law, 1996). When Face Mob broke up it was time for Devin to strike out on his own and he delivered his first solo classic The Dude. As a fan of Smokey Robinson's LP of the same title, Devin's first solo offering was filled with the same style of funk laden grooves doused with the Coughee Bros signature brand of smoothed out hip-hop production and secured The Dude as a classic hip-hop album with his ode to Wine, Women and Weed. Although the album lacked the commercial success many felt it deserved, it brought Devin to the attention of the likes of Dr. Dre who invited the rapper to do a verse on the hit single "F*%k You" on Dre Dre's Chronic album in 2001 catapulting him to another level in the game.

Devin recorded three solo albums with Rap-A-Lot over the course of the last 10 years Just Trying 2 Live (2002) 2 Tha Extreme (2004) and delivering yet another classic with his final album Waiting to Inhale which dropped March 07. "Rap-A-Lot has been my family for a long time and there's no bad blood at all," Explains Devin of his decision to leave the label, "But change is a part of life and I feel like this is the time to make a change and focus more on the business side of my career, I've had a nice run so I'd like to develop artists and give some of these other cats out here a platform to shine." Devin has spent this past year touring with his original Coughee Bros. promoting the recently released independent project "Waitin Our Turn". With several offers on the table for label situations, Devin is exploring options right now but is ready to get back in the lab and blow out another batch of his finest music for a new generation of music lovers.



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