DJ Chris Karns Continues His Winning Ways on SMIRNOFF's Latest "Master of the Mix"

DJ Chris Karns continues to rack up victories on the "Master of the Mix" competition.

To the victor go the spoils, and, thanks to his stellar performance in last weeks "Ode To Miami" challenge,

DJ Chris Karns

got all the spoils for the “Half & Half” challenge on this weeks episode of SMIRNOFF’s, "Master of The Mix." Not only did Chris get a Numark Quad Deck Pro, but he also got to pick the partnerships for this weeks challenge. Yes, that’s a right, a DJ team. This week the remaining board warriors were partnered up and challenged to create a cohesive EDM set, despite their inexperience with working in tandem with another DJ. The stakes were even higher, considering that there was a double elimination, axing the duo that failed to meet the judge’s expectations.

Lucky for


Chris, he got to choose his partner, DJ Jayceeoh (who also happens to be his biggest competition) and paired up the remaining contestants, giving him the edge in the toughest challenge yet. Chris also served cupid, putting DJ Brian Dawe and DJ Tina T together, who have spun their way into each other’s hearts. After a visit and some advice from the EC Twins, the UK duo, who are known for their ability to share the tables, the pairs got right to work. While the challenge was a curse in that none of the competitors were comfortable with a partner, it was also a blessing for Chris, who admitted, “If this was a solo challenge I would be the one going home no question.”

Just because the challenge changed how Chris tackled the boards, doesn't mean his no-nonsense attitudes changed. At one point, Tina asked Chris about what records they planned on scratching and Chris, ever the competitor, responding with a polite, “none of your F**king business,” adding, “we’ll be friends in a couple of hours, for now, we’re not.” While as sharp as ever, Jay and Karns, were struggling on the boards. Their one practice run though was done with only 14 minutes left before deadline and was called “Horrible” by Chris. After the trial run was over, Chris and Jayceeoh were a little nervous. Chris admitted, “we looked at each other like, man, we are going home.”



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I think it's safe to say they underestimated their abilities. Being the two most technically sound DJs in the competition, they had an instant, cohesive chemistry, moving like a well oiled machine as they switched potions, shared scratching, and keeping the crowd hype all while incorporating some EDM staples, like “Mutate” by Sidney Samson and Lil’ Jon and finishing with Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop”. The other contestants watched from backstage, awestruck. DJ Loczi marveled at the duo’s killer set and noted, “they’re so talented. It’s really cool to watch people who are supposed to be DJ’s DJ”. Despite Chris concerns, he and Jayceeoh wowed the judges yet again. It hit Mia Moretti especially hard, as she claimed it was better than what she has seen at EDM festivals like Ultra, Electric Zoo, and Coachella. Karns and Jayceeoh weren’t the only duo to crush the challenge, in fact, each pair definitely held their own, making the judges decision much more difficult.

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Chris with a little help form a friend, survived the challenge as the DJs voted to scaratch the respective records of Tina T and Brian Dawe, sending the lovebirds home empty handed. Chris continued his winning streak, but this time he had to share the winners circle with Jayceeoh, DJ Incrediboi and DJ Loczi, but a win is a win nonetheless and it another notch in the belt of Karns, who showed yet again why he is number one in the competition and number one in our hearts.

Tune in next wee for SMIRNOFF’s "Master Of The Mix", when the remaining contestants, plus Tina T (who, judging from the preview looks like she has been given a second chance) are joined by guest Judge Lil’ Jon and forced to think outside of the box for the “Invent or Get Sent” Challenge. Want to relive the sets in their infinite glory? You can watch the episode on


or stream each set at

right here




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