DJ Entice Named National DJ of the Year at the 9th Annual Power Summit


Miami, FL -- Launched in 1998, the MixShow Power Summit (

) has evolved and transformed itself from hip hop's premiere music conference to a "must=attend" event, known now as the Power Summit. From music, to entertainment, the most influential players come together to forge powerful relationships, launch new artists and products and set trends for the coming year. What began with hundreds nine years ago, now boasts over 2,500 attendees flocking to the conference each year, engaging them in over 30 tightly scheduled events in four days at an exotic location. Past summits have featured movie screenings, panel discussions, sponsored dinners and events including artists such as Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Missy Elliot and Wyclef to name only a few. This year’s summit moved from the Grand Bahama Island to the Domincan Republic.

Every year, a selection is made of nominees for six of the nation’s top DJs, artists, producers and record label execs are nominated for awards that mirror some of the noted Mtv and Billboard awards. Categories include ‘Producer of the Year’, ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Record Label of the Year’, ‘Mixshow DJ of the Year’, ‘VJ of the Year’, ‘Morning Show of the Year,’ and ‘DJ Rookie of the Year’ to name a few. In 2006, we were pleased to announce that Miami native DJ Entice (

) took home the award for ‘Afternoon Mixshow DJ of the Year.’ During the drive home at 5:00 p.m., commuters can tune into the DJ’s live mixshow on WEDR-FM (99 Jamz, 99.1FM) which earned him the prestigious award this year. Relatively new to the industry, ‘DJ Rookie of the Year’ in 2005 was a notable award for all of his achievements in such a short time-span; joining radio then soon after gaining his own weekly mixshow, being recruited by AOL Radio as a live DJ and joining the NFL as the Miami Dolphins DJ. Now, for a second year-in-a-row, he brings home another award.

Up against five of the nation’s top DJs, Entice received a boisterous applause from his colleagues and all attendees as he was announced the ‘DJ of the Year for Afternoon Mixshow.’ As he embraces the award, the respect, approval and admiration of his peers he can no sooner wait to get back into the studio and on radio. We congratulate DJ Entice on his accomplishments and look forward to what the New Year will bring from this aspiring young artist.

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