DJ Money Jumps "In the Mix" Exclusive Interview


DJBooth just unleashed a Vol. 7 of our Best of the Booth mixtape series - thanks to everyone who made Vol. 6 such an enormous success, - and this time around we have the honor of working with DJ Money, a staple of the DMV hip-hop scene and the youngest member of D.C'’s number one urban station WKYS 93.9 FM’s mix squad.

Now that Best of the Booth Vol. 7 is coursing through your headphones we thought we'd take a step back and get to know the man behind the boards. In addition to DJ gigs ranging from the Howard University Homecoming to P. Diddy's Birthday party, DJ Money is a recording engineer, producer, writer and MC, a contributor to XM/ Sirius Satellite Radio with the Gomez Brothers, and tour DJ for Raheem DeVaughn and Phil Adé.

You started DJing your first parties at the incredibly young age of 12. How's you get such an early start? Did you grow up in an especially musical household?

My father used to DJ as a hobby...and I really loved music then so i did my homework crazy when I was younger. When some kids couldn't watch TV when they got in trouble i couldn't play my records lol. My parents were definitely into music and I guess I picked up the passion even heavier than them.



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From your work on 93.9 to DJing the Hip-Hop Presidential Inauguration you've become a large part of the DMV's growing hip-hop scene. What does the DMV have to offer the world that nowhere else can?

I feel that the DMV is way more original and artistic then a lot of people know. There are so many styles and different forms of hip-hop here; outside of go-go there is no one definitive sound for the DMV. Five years ago I wouldn't have thought we would be here. Our lack of talent wasn't hurting us...our lack of support for each other was, but we have gotta so much better. That's why we got on the radar so fast with the Wales, Bear Witnez', Phil Ades, Tabi Bonneys etc. We are now supporting talent that are making moves.

For you, what's the difference between a professional and an amateur DJ?

That's tough because there is a "amateur" DJ who may be as good but hasn't had the looks that another DJ had. But if you just bought Seratos yesterday with no music and are about to do a party, you're definitely an amateur DJ lol. U used to carry crates on my own, and for other people, so my come up is different, but all DJs just need to do their homework. You should be able to rock parties anywhere.

What tracks are out right now that DJs should definitely be including in their sets?

If you don't have I'm a Hustler by Bear Witnez or Stupid Dope Moves by Phuture find those records right now!!! Also Rocko Goin' Steady is my dope. My personal favs right now are Rick Ross' John Doe, H.A.M. by Kanye and Jay-Z and We Made It by Big Sean and Drake..

Last words? Shout outs? Confessions?

If hard work is not paying off for you WORK HARDER, don't stop. Find me on twitter (@DJMoneyDMV) and my site MoneySwingOnline.com will be up soon. Check out Moneyswing.bandcamp.com for other mixtapes. Shout my 368 fam, Dre the Mayor for bookings, shouts to Phil Ade, Raheem DeVaughn, Sunny, Phuture, Liz, Dee Boy, Mark Henry. My yM fam Bear witnez, LFame ..my ruling class fam DJ Analyze, Ben Hameen, pleasedontstare.com, oKun, DJ Harry Hotter, DJ Quicksilva and the Party Boys!

Check Twitter for my #SEXstrumentals mixtape for Valentine's Day this month. Also I doing Fat Trel's new mixtape and MoneyMondays starts next month. And thank you DJBooth for the love. I'm just a man that loves music.



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