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DJ Whoo Kid Breaks Down His Essential DJ Set-Up

Check out the science behind how one of the world's best DJs puts in work.

For years now

DJ Whoo Kid

has been one of hip-hop's most recognizable faces behind the turntables, serving as one of G-Unit's go to turntablists, a tour DJ for 50 Cent, a host of his own Shade 45 radio show, and a widely demanded live show DJ. You'd think such an accomplished DJ would have an incredibly elaborate set-up, right? Wrong.



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“I keep everything simple when it comes to pre-recording my Shade 45 show or knocking out an artist's mixtape," says Whoo Kid. "My equipment is used for both, and I had to make things easy due to my incredible travel schedule.”

Since our roots were and will always be in the Booth, it was only right that we teamed up with the good folks at

Green Label

to interview Whoo Kid on his essential DJ set-up. From the trusty old Tascam CD-RW700 he uses to record to Serato and Pioneer CDJ 2000s he uses to mix, this is a rare look at exactly how one of the world's biggest DJs puts in work. Watch and learn.




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