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DJ Whoo Kid Unleashes 2 New Mixtapes!


New York -- The new 'King of Comedy Radio' is at it again; ruling the airwaves on both his Monday night Hot 97 show "POW Radio" and his Shade 45 "G-Unit Radio" show on Saturdays. The new XXL magazine also awards Whoo Kid no less than 5 out of their '20 Best Street Albums" list. Not to mention, he has had to fit the production of no less than 3 mixtapes into his busy radio schedule. With Obie Trice's sophomore album ("Second Round On Me") due to drop this month (August 15), Eminem decided to kidnap Whoo Kid and join forces with the 'master of mixtapes' on production of the Obie Trice mixtape "Bar Shots", which he also hosts. Eminen laced the mixtape with all kinds of exclusives that fans will not find on the album, but was sure to scan Whoo Kid's pockets before he left the studio to ensure that material remained just where it was supposed to be - at the studio.

Next on Whoo Kid's agenda was a trip to Tenessee, where he joined Young Buck. There, they knocked out the Jamie Foxx hosted mixtape "Chronic 2006" which will give Buck fans a taste of what's to come on the highly ancipated October release "Buck The World". The content of both Obie and Buck's CD's will give fans a very personal insight into the respective inner-city worlds they came up in as well as their individual takes on their current success.

Finally, Whoo Kid pairs up with super-producer and G-Unit label head Sha Money XL, and D-Prosper to create "G-Classics", proving once again that G-Unit is indeed the most successful label of all time. Those that still can't get enough of the G-Unit crew can look forward to the upcoming 50 Cent release "G-Unit Radio pt. 22: Verse 2" and Lloyd Banks' "Mo Money pt. 5" which will give fans a sense of what's coming on his "Rotten Apple" album; set to drop in September.



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