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DJBooth March Madness Rapper Tournament: Elite 8 Winners


That really escalated quickly. I mean it really got out of hand. 

So far while Lucas, Yoh and I have had some heated debates over the winners of these match-ups in the three March Madness Rapper Tournament rounds we've done so far, but it's never really gotten that bad. Not until today. The Elite 8 is apparently when things got really heated, some friendships might have been permanently ruined today. 

And with that glorious intro, let's get to the winners! 

[Note: If you're just joining us, you're really just going to have to go back and catch up for this to make sense. I'm sorry, but we're too deep for me to still be answering complaints about why a certain rapper didn't get selected. It's all there in the archives.]



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The Games

Kanye vs. Andre 3000: Andre 3000's wins so far have proven to be very controversial. There's apparently a very real "3 Stacks is over-rated" community out there that I wasn't previously aware of. But regardless, cue the Boyz II Men because Andre's finally come to the end of the road. 3000 is still an extraordinary emcee (as far as we're concerned) but this is the point where his lack of output finally did him in. While 'Ye was changing the sound of hip-hop over and over again, Andre was seemingly only semi-interested in rapping. They're both talented and Yeezy just wants it more, Yeezy wins

Big K.R.I.T. vs. Nas: The cinderella story that was Krizzle's run through this tournament finally ends. Just a classic respect due game. We all agree that K.R.I.T. deserves our praise, he deserves to be in the Elite 8, but he just can't touch Nas' legacy and current talent. It really makes you appreciate Nasir. We're talking about a man who's released a new album every two years for decades now, and can still absolutely crush a song today. He really is the one veteran rapper who's skills are still the sharpest. Nas wins

Killer Mike vs. Common: Like Andre 3000, it seems like there's also a very real contingent out there who don't view Mike as an elite emcee. Personally, I absolutely do, and this one was incredibly close. If Common and Killer Mike were to get on a track together, Mike might be able to over-power Common, but not by much. And Common's got a catalog that includes ten albums and multiple classics, plus his 2014 album Nobody's Smiling was damn good too. For the record, Yoh is on record voting for Killer Mike, but Common's history, and present, give him the slightest of edges. Common wins.   

Kendrick Lamar vs. Black Thought: Well...this one turned out to be an absolute war. I don't think Lucas and I are on speaking terms anymore. Holy Moses, it's hard for me to even explain this one, you might just have to listen to the podcast for the full, nearly 20 minute debate. If I had to break it down, I'd say that we hit a point where there's just no right answer. You don't want to be a prisoner of the moment and pick Kendrick, but you also don't want to give the young man his due. Black Thought is the most consistent rapper ever, the epitome of rapper's rapper, but Kendrick is constantly pushing into new territory. By a razor thing margin, but Kendrick wins. [I can't stress how angry Lucas is about this. There's a point around the 48 minute mark of the podcast where I'm waffling between the two, then it seems like I might vote for Kendrick and he literally screams, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!" So interwebs, feel free to direct all your Black Thought didn't win related anger at me and know that Lucas is on your side.]

Well goddamn. There's been some twists and turns, some real upsets, I certainly couldn't have predicted this, but we've got our Final Four. It'll be Nas vs. Kanye and Common vs. Kendrick Lamar. 

We'll be back this coming Monday for the Final Four winners. Until then, see you in the comment section...

[This is a DJBooth #Squad endeavor by Nathan S., Lucas and Yoh.]



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