Happy F**king Holidays, DJBooth Is On Vacation!


Dear DJBooth Nation, 

I'm not going to complain because writing about porn stars in music videos isn't exactly working in a coal mine, but we spend a lot of time chained to our computers. Like a lot. Like way more than could possibly be healthy and we're all going to have carpal tunnel syndrome by 40-years-old but fuck it, this Wale mixtape isn't going to post itself. 

So like many of you (hopefully), we'll be taking the next couple weeks off to rest, recover and make sure that our families can recognize us even when our faces aren't light up by the gentle, embracing glow of a laptop. That means that, aside from any truly major developments, we won't be posting anything until the year of our lord and savior Lil B, 2015. 



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In the meantime, there's literally hundreds of thousands of minutes of music for you to listen to here, here and here, and hundreds of articles for you to catch up on. Or, and I know this is strange to hear coming from me, you could just not be on the internet either for a little while. 

Either way, we're genuinely proud of the work we did in 2014, and we're absolutely commited to doing even better next year. So from our digital family to your IRL family, happy holidays. See you in 2015.




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