Who Still Cares About 50 Cent?


As always, Sunday night was spent perusing the charts of the


to see which songs I needed for the

Top 20 playlist

. There were the usual names, Drake, Big Boi, 2 Chainz but one name, which appeared more than once, caught my eye. It was a name I haven't heard since that time I needed a soda from the vending machine but didn't have change for a dollar;

50 Cent


Now I'm not exactly creating the Billboard charts nor am I the biggest tastemaker in the game (and by not exactly I mean at all in the least bit), but I'd like to think I'm pretty update on who and what is popular in hip-hop; it is my job after all. Still, I don't think I have heard a word, good or bad, from someone personally about 50 Cent's music in...maybe literally years. When a big name comes out with a big release, I am always down to listen, but this influx of 50 Cent has none of my interest (even when writing this piece, I am still debating whether or not I want to listen) and it seems like he is, for lack of a better word irrelevant to the people who I talk to (Nathan) and follow.

So it is the question I propose to you RefinedHype Nation, do you still care about 50 Cent? Why or why not? Because his new videos are getting a ton of views from what I have to assume are his intense and still sizeable circle of fans, but since I'm not in that circle, it's hard for me to see it. 



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I don't mean to come off as a hater or critical, in fact, I am trying to be as unbiased as possible; I haven't even listened to any of his new stuff so I could remain out of the "is it good" conversation. It wasn't very hard to do considering I genuinely

could not give less of a fuck

about 50 Cent. 7th grade me is mad at 25-year-old me right now, but it's the truth. I don't hate 50, nor do I love him, but my apathy is surprising even to me. Surely I


feel one way or the other about him right? Wrong. The issue here isn't so much that I don't care but that some people seem to. If you looked at the DJBooth analytics page, you might think it's 2004; 50 has been one of the more popular artists of the past few months. So while it might seem strange (and unimportant) to me, there are people out there who care about 50 Cent. Who are they?

Again, I generally mean no ill will toward 50. If he is successful kudos, if not, oh well. I have no dog in this fight, unless one of the dogs doesn't care about the result and just wants to see the fight; that's the dog I have. So I don't want to write some long thinkpiece. It is only a pulse check to see just where we stand with 50 and who still listens, because, believe it or not people are still listening. Does this rise mean a comeback for 50? Is this recent string of videos just a flash in the pan?

I hope y'all can

help me find answers

to these questions. If anyone can do this, it's RefinedHype Nation.



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