Download Album Zip Files on the New DJ Booth iPhone App

You can now download and listen to entire zip files on The DJBooth iPhone app!
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For months the

DJBooth iPhone app

has allowed music lovers everywhere to listen to the latest and best in urban music right on their iPhone. But now we're proud to announce that the latest version of the app is even doper.

Most notably, version 1.2 allows users to

download entire albums contained in zip files

. The app will download the zip, extract the MP3 files, and add them to the brand new "Albums" tab. And even better, the app isn't limited to just DJBooth. You'll be able to download and listen to zip files from any site.

It's one of mobile music's biggest problems solved. So start

downloading zip files on your iPhone via the DJBooth App right now


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Red Bull BPM DJ App Now Available

The Red Bull BPM DJ app is now available via the Apple App store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The app is free to download but you must pay to unlock features via in-app purchasing to unlock the true potential. This is the second iteration of the first BPM DJ app which allows DJ's to use their own music to mix the two decks available within the app. This new version adds looping, slip mode, beat and block aligned seeking, beat snap, and auto pitch adjustments. Press Release inside.


Morpho DJ App for Turntablists!

Here's something new and interesting! The iPhone, iPod, and iPad have been getting lots of DJ Software releases these days but none of them work quite like this Morpho DJ app that has just hit the scene. Developed by Nick Bryan and Ge Wang at Stanford University, the Morpho DJ app allows DJ's to mount an iPod touch or iPhone onto each platter where the record would normally spin and the gyro and accelerometer data gets sent wirelessly to a laptop where the data is used to control the playback of digital files. Video and information inside.


[Video] Traktor DJ App for iPad Released!

A few short weeks ago after NAMM 2013, I was invited to NYC to meet with the Native Instruments team for a top-secret product reveal. This new product has now been released to the public today and DJ's everywhere are already clamoring for the download. The new Traktor DJ App for the iPad is here and for the small fee of only $20, anyone with a shiny iPad can venture into the Traktor realm of DJ control. Check out the full press release, demo video, and my full breakdown after the jump.


Numark Announces iDJ App Update Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Numark has just announced a new update for their iDJ application (V1.2). The new app update supports the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad and now allows users to directly import music directly from the device's iPod library. For a limited time only, the app can be purchased for only $1.99 instead of the normal $9.99 price. (Links and Details inside).