DP Next Generation on a Steady Course


Hollywood, CA -- With 14 years of rapping accredited for, since debuting on Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" album, Tha Dogg Pound certainly doesn't need an introduction. Get ready to witness one of the strongest comebacks in Gangsta Rap history with the introduction of DP Next Generation. Now focusing on a positive future for the West Coast, these Mutli-Platinum artists are back again, bringing another generation with them, the winners of the contest "DPGC Idol" held by Daz, Kurupt, and Arnold White.

Remember, these DP Next Generation rap cats came strong with tracks like "Still Blazin'" which played in major markets like Atlanta, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and up and down the West Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles.

They have tracks produced by Nitti, a producer with massive hit singles like "It's Goin' Down" by Young Joc. They have a sonic sound with a boom to boost the group's image with songs by Nitti like "Tapp Out" and "Gangsta Rap Will Never Die." The album is bound to be a solid, well-produced project. With the mixed styles of DP Next Generation, rest assured the album will graciously put the gutter in your ear with the release of their summer album "Idolized."



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The rap game continues to unfold the rebirth of the Dogg Pound Next Generation. The DP Idol contest has moved from the realm of competition to being repositioned. This is a phase of being "idolized" by others. The group is on a steady course and there's been a lot of grinding to get the DP Next Generation name out there. The group has hit the scene in Las Vegas and Atlanta to pre-promote and record for the upcoming album.

The members (Meko aka Mr. Murder, Dangerous Rob, Montana, 45, J-Tripz, and Chaotic,) come from different corners of the continental US with their own unique experiences and tales from the hood. Like the native tribes of the badlands, this ensemble proves to be the grimiest evolution of a rap group to raise up off the block. These six members are collectively making moves to get their names in the annals of rap history. Check them out at on the web by visiting them at