The Real Story Behind Dr. Dre & Eminem's "I Need a Doctor"


When it rains leaks it pours. Just a day after the interwebs were set ablaze by a new "Detox" leak, the hazy "Kush", leakapalooza continues with Dr. Dre and Eminem's new collaborative track "I Need A Doctor". Taking a much more hard rock oriented approach than I can ever remember hearing Dre associated with - Alex Da Kid actually produced it, not Dre - "Need a Doctor" also features a dope Eminem verse consisting almost entirely of "I owe everything to the good Dr." lines, a hook from Skylar Grey, whom you might know from Dirty Money's "Coming Home", and Andre spitting some very aggressive bars.

And now for the good stuff. Not to get all Watergate on you, but I've got a source at Interscope who'd prefer to keep their job, so we're going to have to go the anonymous route. According to them, Interscope's plan is to act like this record is a leak (so no official confirmation this time), see how people respond to it, and then either flip it into an official single or bury it if everyone hates it. Pulling it off "Detox" and placing it on Eminem "Recovery" re-release is also on the table. And they're not sure if Interscope leaked "Doctor" on purpose on not, but they wouldn't be surprised if they did. Man, it's like I'm an actual journalist or something.

What should the label do? Let's find out:

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