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We Listed All 72 of Drake's Top 100 Billboard Songs, Here's How


Yesterday, Billboard broke the news that Drake had just gotten his 72nd Top 100 hit with "Tuesday (Remix)," a sales feat that places him just ahead of The Beatles for the most Top 100 appearances of all-time. Not too shabby for a guy who was struggling at open mics just a few years ago.

In fact, I was so impressed by Drizzy's chart prowess that, of course, I wanted to see all 72 of his Top 100 charting songs. Were there any songs in there I had forgotten about? Songs I expected to be there and weren't? How many were solo efforts versus guest spots? I had so many question, so I did what any one alive in 2014 would do; I Googled "Drake Billboard Top 100 songs" and prepared to be basked in the glorious light of internet information. Instead, I got this

Really? Really though? None of the other outlets that had reported on the Drake surpassing the Beatles had a link to all of his Top 100 songs? Well, surely Billboard itself must have that information, right? Nope, they sure don't. While Billboard lists many of Drake's hits, they only list songs he was the primary artist on, and even then not every primary artist song. Out of his 72 total appearances, they only listed 34; ironically, they didn't include "Tuesday," the catalyst for their story in the first place.

This was turning into a whole thing. 



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I contacted Billboard and was very politely told they'd supply the list of every Drake appearance on their charts for a nominal fee. But because I'm an insane, cheap and insanely cheap person, that's the moment I decided fuck it, I'll just do it myself. Every man needs a purpose in life, and I had found mine; listing Drake songs on the interwebz. So I got Lucas, gave him the Al Pacino "Any Given Sunday" speech to get him properly pumped, and we got to researching. 

And yes, I mean actually researching. We went through every Drake song ever (more or less), checked Wikipedia to see if the song had charted, and after a solid 24 hours Lucas' brain matter was beginning to leak out of his nostrils, but holy sweet baby jesus we had done it, all 72 songs. To the best of my knowledge, we now posess the only full list of every Drake Top 100 appearance, and because we're a site of the people, HERE IT MOTHERFUCKING IS

Check that shit out. With all due respect to my daughter, that migth be the most glorious thing I've ever birthed. Well, actually my wife birthed my daughter and I really did put some labor into this, so yes, this is definitively is the most glorious thing I've ever birthed. And as long as we're at it, I can actually answer some of the questions that originally prompted me to set out on his digital quest. 


  • Drake's never just had a straight up, #1 hit on the Top 100 list. He's had mutliple #1s on the Rap chart, platinum albums, a Grammy, but never a Top 100 overall? How is that even possible? 
  • 35 of Drake's Top 100s have come as the primary artist, 37 as a guest. And of those primary songs, there was a guest on 16. In other words, 19 of his 72 songs are solo efforts. How does that solo vs. guest ratio compare to other artists? I have no idea, but it'd be fascinating to find out, hopefully this is a start. 
  • Drake and Lil Wayne have combined for 15 Top 100 appearances. 
  • Given how successful they both are, and that they're both on the same label, you'd expect there to be more Drake and Nicki Minaj songs, but there's actually only two. 

Take some time and go through the full list as well. If anyone wants to get their musical sabermetrics on, we can all chart-nerd the fuck out together. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go celebrate by drinking by myself from a golden chalice.

All 72 of Drakes Billboard Top 100 Songs: The Playlist

[Nathan Slavik is the managing editor of He has a beard. This is his Twitter. Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth. He does not have a beard. This is his Twitter.]



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