Drake's Bringing Back Damani Dada - What Old School Clothing Labels Are Next?

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Ever since pictures from


’s “No New Friends” video shoot hit the internet with the Canadian rapper dressed in

Damani Dada

clothing, various media outlets have reported that Drizzy may be trying to revive the once famous urban brand. Founded in 1995, the fashion line didn’t become popular until it expanded into footwear, but the last time I can remember it being hot was when Latrell Spreewell played for the Knicks in 2001.

So it got me thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if certain brands from back in the day made a comeback? Suddenly, I started having flashbacks of some of my preferred labels in high school, and an idea for this article was formed. Below is a list of apparel companies that I’d like to see make a comeback in the near future. Feel free to hit me with some of your personal favorites in the comments section.


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Made in Italy, this high-end brand was made popular by many rappers in the early 2000s for their sweaters, which featured cartoon characters like Charlie Brown, Donald Duck, Snoopy and others. In 2009, Iceberg tried to make some noise with a new, chic (less baggy, more tailored) fall collection, but have remained quiet since then.



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Phat Farm

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One thing I admire about Russell Simmons besides his business acumen, is no matter how much money accumulated in his bank accounts, he always dressed like a regular dude. Granted his personal style didn’t reflect that of an average guy from NY when he was coming up, but he always looked so chilled – and when Phat Farm launched in 1992, it embodied that characteristic, with items that blended an upscale mix of sporty urban fashions with the classic Ivy League preppy designs including argyle sweaters paired with loose solid-colored jeans and crisp white sneakers.

True Religion

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What stood out the most for this Cali-based denim company was the vast array of washes and contrast embroidery stitching. Whether or not you wore these between 2002 and 2005, if you currently wear skinny jeans in 2013, you can certainly rock True Religions also, while still appearing trendy. Word to 2Chainz.

Benjamin Bixby

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Founded in 2008, Andre 3000’s collection featured a plethora of preppy offerings inspired by the college football era of the 1930s. And back in February 2012, our colleagues at Complex reported that the eclectic Outkast member would be revamping his line as “Bixby” (its cleaner – word to Shaun Parker), so let’s just hope it drops some time before his solo project.

Nathan Update

: On a related note, I felt like I had to include this...



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