What's Drake's Hardest Song of All-Time? (Vote Now)

Your chance to select the hardest Drake songs on record for our upcoming playlist.
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Over at our sister site RefinedHype they just completed an

absurdly detailed investigation into the hardest Drake verses of all-time

. It's the type of topic that a hip-hop lover could spend all day on, and we here at the DJBooth figured we should give though hip-hop lovers a corresponding



But instead of us just laying down our picks, we thought we'd open things up to y'all. We know there are no shortage of Drizzy connoisseurs out there, and here's your chance to sign. The top 25 songs in the poll below will make our

Drake's Hardest Songs

playlist this coming Monday. Vote up the songs you agree with, vote down the ones you don't, and if you don't see a song you think is worthy, go ahead and add it.

Have at it people, we're looking forward to put your selections to music.

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