Riding Low With Sanctiond at the Dub Show Auto Tour (Pics)

From lowriders to Bentleys, highlights from the Dub Show Auto tour.

To be honest, I don't particularly love cars. But I do love street art, and the good folks at

Sanctiond Automotive Car Care

convinced me to come out to the

Dub Show Tour

in L.A. this weekend by promising me that instead of cookie cutter luxury cars I'd be looking at works of art on wheels (or without wheels, as the case may be). They were completely right.

Sanctiond was founded by legendary tattoo artist

Mister Cartoon

, and the parallels between ink and autos were immediately clear. These cars are painstakingly, meticulously crafted, and personal style reigns supreme (just like good hip-hop).

Check out some highlights below.

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