No Big Deal: Just Eminem and Rihanna's "The Monster"

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Oh hey…did you know


(A.K.A the best white rapper since Vanilla Ice) has a new album coming up? Oh you did? Of course because you can’t escape Em even if you tried; he is on everything from

college football

to SNL (this weekend). We all know “


”, “


”, and “

Rap God

” and now, as we wait for the album and most likely the leak (which we will have for you as soon as it does find its way onto the internetz), Em dropped the most radio-ready single so far in the


assisted “

The Monster


If their 2010 collab “

Love The Way You Lie

” is any indication his song will be one for the ages. While it is made for the radio, I actually enjoyed this far more than “Rap God” and “Survival”. It might be catchy, thanks to a

Mike Tyson sized

hook from Rihanna, but nowhere is it written that catchy means bad; this might be the strongest release yet. In addition to the work of the two marquee names, Bebe Rexha (who also co-wrote the cut) adds some backup vocals atop Frequency’s cascading beat; we might have to do a piece on her soon since you know, she is writing songs for Eminem. Get ready for the first of many, many, many, many, many, many listens.