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Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” Album Leaked, Let’s Listen...


Boy, where to even begin with this one huh? Not only is this


’s first album in three years (after a long hiatus), it is also the sequel to Eminem’s legendary sophomore album; as if the expectations weren’t big enough. Eminem has achieved much more than most emcees can hope for and has the ultimate hip-hop hall pass. He can do whatever he wants when he wants and release music any time he wants (scarcely) and nobody will bat an eye. Rest assured it is his hard work, talent, and endless résumé that has earned him the exemption from the “normal” rules. Still he has to deliver a quality product because there are some lofty expectations for him to live up to the original LP and it is what we have come to expect from Marshall Mathers. Ladies and gentlemen, "



As always, this is about more than just the new album. Feel free to share any thoughts on the epic project below.  We can listen to this anywhere, but there is only one place you can discuss the album with other like-minded rap nerds. Happy listening!

1.  “Bad Guy”

2.  “Parking Lot (Skit)”

3.  “Rhyme Or Reason”

4.  “So Much Better”

5.  “Survival”

6.  “Legacy”

7.  “Asshole” ft. Skylar Grey

8.  “Berzerk”

9.  “Rap God”



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10.  “Brainless”

11.  “Stronger Than I Was”

12.  “The Monster” f. Rihanna

13.  “So Far…”

14.  “Love Game” ft. Kendrick Lamar

15.  “Headlights” ft. Nate Ruess

16.  “Evil Twin”

Bonus Cuts (Deluxe Edition):

17.  "Baby"

18.  "Desperation" ft. Jamie N Commons

19.  "Groundhog Day"

20.  "Beautiful Pain" ft. Sia

21. "Wicked Ways"


: Any posted download link, or any promotion of downloading the album, will be automatically deleted as soon as possible.

Pre-order "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" right now




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