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What's Your Favorite New Banger?


Today I scrolled through my "Bangers" playlist on iTunes - come on, we all have a "Bangers" playlist, admit it - and realized that the majority of my selections were now years old. Seriously, did you know "

Hard in the Paint

" is now almost three years old?

In other words, my collection is in need of a serious update, and it just so happens I have an entire RefinedHype Nation to turn to. So how about it people, what's in rotation on your "Bangers" playlist?

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The Rules

: When I say "banger" I mean the kind of track that makes you get on your Incredible Hulk shit, start flipping over tables and slap your grandma. I don't know if I can give a better definition than that, you just know it when you hear it.

For example, one of my favorite new bangers is the first half of Kendrick Lamar's "madd city". For my money, it's a far better banger than "Backseat Freestyle". "madd city" comes on and I start looking around for kittens to punch in the face. And while the second half with MC Eiht is definitely hard, it's got more of a "don't fuck with me" vibe than a "lose your fucking mind" banger vibe.

Oh, and by "new" I mean released in the last year or so. That's not so complicated, right? Ok people, have at it. I'm confident that together we can come up with the definitive new school banger playlist.



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