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Fine, You Got Me: Your Favorite Rapper's First Tweet

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When you join Twitter, there aren't any instructions, guides or babysitters to watch your words. It’s a blank slate, empty, giving you an odd sensation of knowing no one is watching. We all want to be discovered, gain followers, and get the attention of our favorite actor, artist, or alchemist. It’s easy to get drunk off the freedom, reckless thumbs throwing shade at celebrities, never thinking your childish banter will resurface years later when you are among the famous.

No one enters Twitter sending slander, everyone has a humble beginning, the first ever tweet is like a baby deer taking its first shaky steps. Do you remember your first? Thanks to discover.twitter, we were are able to turn back the wheels of time and dig up some now very famous rapper's first forays into social media, and the results were equal parts enligtening and hilarious.

2009 is fairly early, this was during Facebook’s reign, but celebrities were starting to migrate toward Twitter. Drake doesn’t seem enthused. So Far Gone was only a month old, his acclaim was rising, I’m sure Oliver suggested he joined the Twitterverse, young fans likely requested his @ handle while touring with Lil Wayne and the 6 God eventually gave in. 20 million followers later it seems like Drake actually has us. 

Azealia Banks has never come off as cautious, she’s outspoken, brash, in her presence the elephant in the room becomes a mouse. Ironically, her first ever tweet doesn’t reflect the person that is constantly going to war with 140 characters.

Isaiah Rashad is stoked, he wanted to share his excitement as his first tweet, and misspelled “come.” Typos happen, especially since Twitter doesn’t allow to edit post. Of course, it’s possible that this isn’t an error, which makes the tweet even more hilarious. What's the Twitter version of a sext? A twex? 

Earl’s first ever tweet is iconic, the first message that announced his long awaited return. From reform school to stardom, the home he left isn’t the home he returned to.

Ab-Soul isn’t impressed, obviously the hype surrounding a new social media intrigued him, but after giving it a look over, practically called the microblog a Facebook rip-off. I’m not Facebook savvy, but I know enough, and I don’t see how he made the comparison.

Imagine Bronson yelling at a television, so upset that A-Rod is swinging with Ray Charles’ vision, that he takes at Twitter just to share his anguish. Vulgar, hilarious, and the Yankees, this tweet embodies the spirit of Mr. Wonderful.

Chance The Rapper loves the kids, his first tweet comes from the booth, working tirelessly to give them a proper back to school gift. While the rest of his classmates were likely watching B.E.T and partaking in Follow Friday, Chance was honing his skills. Got to love the passionate teen spirit.

J. Cole is the people’s champ, not surprised that he was attracted to a platform that allows instant connection. This was during the Warm Up mixtape, likely around the time the Roc Nation announcement. Fans and bloggers were beginning to get familiar, having a Twitter account is the best way to solidify those bonds early.

Ha, have to love how natural Wale is at being Wale. I don’t know what Verve’s "Bittersweet Symphony" and his arrival to Twitter have in common, but the play on words is exactly what we have come to expect from Folarin. [*insert lame “Tweet About Nothing” joke here*]

R.I.P to A$AP Yams! His tweets have been cataloged everywhere for their hilarity, without a doubt, the guy had an abundance of swag and gusto.

The biggest boss didn’t shout out any pears when he joined Twitter, instead quoted lyrics from "Tears Of Joy," a personal favorite Ross record.



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Big Sean can be credited for starting various trends in hip-hop. Remember when he opened Pandora’s Box with the "Supa Dupa Flow"? Well he’s been on Twitter since 2008, possibly one of the earliest rappers to make himself accessible to the Twitter-universe. Surprised he doesn’t boast about it.

Jaden Smith is known for having tweets that some would call philosophical and profound, others would say pretentious and presumptuous. Ironically, his first tweet doesn’t fit into his notarized spectrum. Instead of starting off deep, he stunts pretty hard. Not many can start their account chilling with Justin Bieber.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t aware of Sia until I saw her at the GRAMMYs. Her collaboration with Kanye only intrigued me more. Sia's first ever tweet has only increased my interest in the mysterious woman. She entered Twitter ready to tweet her tits off, ha, we all should’ve approached Twitter with this level of eagerness, whether we possess tits or not.

Lil B entered Twitter and immediately began critiquing. He wasn’t satisfied by just 140 characters, he wanted to post pictures! He was thinking about #Girltime since the beginning.

Gangsta Gibbs has never been a dull artist, of course his first tweet wouldn’t disappoint. Imagine Freddie rolling up a blunt with his woman laid across the bed, convincing him that he needs to get on Twitter. He starts off unfiltered. Kush and sex, this is the epitome of real rap raw.

Q-Tip had no problem adjusting to social media, painting his moment perfectly, even if it’s not the most “cool.”

Logic starts off Twitter by reflecting on a great night, but his desire to reach the next level is also noted. He wanted guidance, not sure if he found a sensei, but he’s currently one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the world. He was ready in 2010, but he’s just now showing the world. Better late than never.

Jarren Benton is hilarious and an impressive rapper. If I’m deciphering this tweet correctly, he created a Twitter account in 2009, but didn’t use the account until two years later. Oh, and he loves pterodactyls. This guy is great.

Arguably the greatest tweet in Twitter history.

In 2009, Sonny Digital started Twitter by requesting assistance to get placements. In 2015, Sonny Digital doesn’t have to look for placements, he is one of the most sought after producers in hip-hop. Always refreshing to see how things can come full circle.

Some jokes just write themselves.

Nikki Jean has the voice of an angel, and the foresight of an oracle. Back in 2008, she saw that Twitter would be addictive. It only took one tweet for her to know that it would be hard to put down.

I love that Jhene Aiko came to Twitter one night that she couldn’t sleep, this is exactly how a new generation of insomniacs were born. I haven’t had a steady sleep pattern since I downloaded the app.

I hope you enjoyed this little first tweet tour, but trust me, I'm just scratching the surface. If you're looking for something to help you kill time at that job you hate or avoid your family, is your new best friend. You're welcome. Oh, and I guess it's only fair to close with my first tweet. Here you go. Not bad for a first try. 

[By Yoh, aka OVYoh, aka @Yoh31.] 



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