Fetty Wap Sees JAY Z & Beyonce Dance to "Trap Queen," Freestyles Everything

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Fetty Wap is quickly on the rise - see also, that time Kanye West told him he's a fan - but he's still very much a new artist, which is exactly why it's so cool hearing him talk about seeing JAY Z and Beyonce dance to "Trap Queen." The look on his face as he tells the story is exactly the kind of amazed joy any of us would have under the same unbelievable circumstances. As Fetty says, his life is becoming a "hood fairy tale." 

And then below, Fetty talks about finding his own lane in music, staying in that lane, and his quick recording process. He's well aware that he's not going to win any lyricist of the year titles (he freestyles everything), but what he can do better than anyone else is make Fetty Wap music. It's been working for him so far....

[Video and editing by EriksonCorniel.]